St. Roch Market, New Orleans, LA Report #183


This building dates back to 1875 when it was constructed as a state owned, open air market.  Since then it’s been several different things.  I had my first soft shelled crab poboy here back in the late 1970’s, when it was a seafood market and sandwich place.  After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it sat vacant until it reopened in 2014 as what it is today.  A food market with 11 different vendors.  You can find a list of them here:

You have a wide variety of different types of food to choose from.   There’s also a bar serving beer, wine or your favorite cocktail!  The place does get crowded and finding a place to sit may be challenging.  We got here about 1:15 PM and found a table without too much trouble.

We only tried out two vendors.  Fete au Fete and New Orleans Elysian Seafood.

From Fete au Fete we tried the Crawfish Poutine (Fried, new potatoes boiled in crawfish boil, crawfish etouffee and pepper jack cheese), a quarter Muffuletta sandwich and red beans and rice with grilled smoked sausage and a jalapeño cornbread muffin.


Everything was delicious!  The only complaint I had was the only thing that was nice and hot was the cornbread muffin.  It tasted like they just baked that.  The rest of the food was kind of room temperature.  I’m guessing with very limited space as a vendor in a market you don’t have the room or equipment to cook things from scratch.  So they probably cook most things offsite and bring it in in some kind of thermal container to keep it warm.  Anyway, we enjoyed it!

From Elysian we had the Louisiana Crabcake, which came with a Creole potato hash, charred sweet corn and scallion cream.


This also was delicious.  AND nice and hot!

Today was a day where I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat for lunch.  With the variety of options here, this is the perfect place to visit on those kind of days.  I highly recommend it!

2381 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117  Ph: 504-609-3813

Blaine 3-3-2019


5 thoughts on “St. Roch Market, New Orleans, LA Report #183

  1. I was eyeing the menu and I was drooling. I saw Trash Grits, BBQ Shrimp Po Boy, cheese biscuits — YUM! I like historic food markets. My favorite is the Reading Market in Philadelphia which is one of the oldest historic markets in the US since 1893 but St Roch seems to be older!


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