Red Gravy, New Orleans, LA Report #185

I’m not sure if I should say this place is strange or the people that work there are.  We walk in and inform the hostess we have a party of three.  She says they don’t have tables for three and asks us to sit at the bar.  We don’t want to sit at the bar.  As you can see by my picture of the dining room the place is pretty empty.  We ask her about the table at the left up in the foreground.  She says that’s only for four people.  We ask about putting two of the NUMEROUS tables for two you see on the right together.  She says they don’t allow putting tables together, but we could sit next to each other there so we’d be “close”.  The serious hunger in my stomach stopped me from leaving so we opted to do that.

Next, I’m perusing the menu.  I’m kind of in the mood for spaghetti and meatballs.  The place is called Red Gravy, which is a popular term for spaghetti sauce here in New Orleans.  Under “SORTA LIKE LUNCH”, I see a dish called “Nanni”, which is simply described as 2 housemade meatballs and Red Gravy, for $13.75  I’m assuming that comes with spaghetti so I ask to be sure, and it doesn’t.  I ask if I can get a side order of spaghetti.  The waiter says no.  They don’t sell side orders of spaghetti, although spaghetti is on the menu in different places!  So I say, “you’re telling me there’s no way I can get a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in this place”?  He says, “sure you can”.  So he tells me I need to order the dish named “Red Gravy”, which is described as a Marinara of roma tomatoes, basil, garlic with handmade spaghetti ($16), and THEN order a side order of meatballs!  I asked how much a side order of meatballs was?  he said “about” $6.  I started to tell him whet he could do with his spaghetti and meatballs but decided I’d just order something else.

Anyway, this part of the menu were the specials.  Available for a limited time.  The rest of the menu they serve year round:


One of my dining partners decided on the “Captain Mounty”.  Basically a cheeseburger omelet sandwich with grape jam and bacon, with two pancakes as the bread.  He got it with stoneground, organic parmesan grits.  It looked like this:


He really enjoyed it.

We also decided on a basket of biscuits, the “Mark”, which is a meatball sandwich, and the “Palpetta”, which is a meatball omelet with ricotta and red gravy.

Once you get past everything else, the food is pretty good!  The biscuits are served with an yummy apricot jelly.  The meatballs are excellent and the stone ground parmesan grits are really delicious.  I recommend the place.

125 Camp St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-561-8844

Blaine 3-24-2019


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