Toups’ Meatery, New Orleans, LA Report #187

If you’re craving meat, this a great plate to go!  I don’t know any other place in the city that makes cracklins to order.

They come to your table crisp and hot fresh out the fryer.  I know it takes a long time to make cracklins so I asked the waiter how this was possible.  He said they “render” them for over an hour early in the day, then when you order them they pop them in the fryer.  About ten minutes later you have hot cracklins on the table.  This is a must get if you come here.

We also had:

And here was the food!

Everything was delicious!  The smoked oxtail meat was very tender with a delicious smoked flavor.  Served over chunks of roasted potatoes and nice and cheesy, as you can see from the second pic.  Once you got to the bottle of the little cast iron skillet though there was a good bit of grease.

My dining partner had the chicken dish.  Not just thighs as the menu stated, but full leg quarters.  She loved it.  And I really enjoyed the duck dish.  It would have been better though if they let the duck breast rest a little longer before slicing it.   Maybe then the juices would have stayed in the meat instead of running out on the plate so much.

One note about this place.  There’s only one restroom.  So if you’ve gotta go, there may be a line to wait in, and if you’re a lady I hope you don’t mind sharing with the guys.

Great place!  I definitely recommend it.

845 N. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119  Ph: 504-252-4999

Blaine 3-31-2019


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