Tsunami, New Orleans, LA Report #195

This place is located on the ground floor of the Pan-American Life Building, in the Central Business District.  Since the restaurant has a Poydras Street address, I entered on Poydras St.  I didn’t see a restaurant, so I started roaming around, until a security guard behind a desk stopped me.  Our exchange went like this:

HIM:  WHERE THE F#@K YOU THINK YOU GOING??                                                                    ME:  WHOA Rambo!  I’m just looking for a Japanese restaurant!!                                               HIM:  Oh.  It’s right down that hall, Sir.                                                                                              ME:  Thank you, buddy.

Well, it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but it was close!

Anyway, if you go that way you’ll enter the rear door of the restaurant and see that sign that tells you to enter the main entrance off St. Charles Ave. to be seated.  So just enter from St. Charles in the first place.  It’ll save you some grief.

To me, all Japanese restaurants seem to be pretty similar.  Basically the same types of food and menu.  I decided to try this place because it has some unique dishes.  Japanese cuisine with a bunch of Southern twist.  Like a panko crusted pork loin with sweet potato hash.  Or a salmon dish served with a collard green kimchi.  Both of which I didn’t try because my stomach wasn’t big enough.

When I sat down the waitress put a little bowl on my table with what looked like a mint in it.  Then, she poured hot water in the bowl and the thing grew into a hot towel to wash my hands!  I was thoroughly impressed.

I decided on:


And the food:

The ika fries, or fried calamari strips, were absolutely the most tender pieces of fried squid I’ve ever had in my life!  Nice having them in a different form instead of the rings and tentacles you normally get.  A nice light, well seasoned batter, served with a sauce similar to a remoulade.  Very good.

Speaking of uniqueness, I’ve never seen a fried oyster roll in another sushi place, so I tried their “biggus” roll.  I’m used to huge, Louisiana oysters.  But when the roll came to my table, on that little white triangular dish, I was a little disappointed.  I couldn’t see the oysters in the roll.  But I sure could taste them!  That briny, oystery goodness came through, with what tasted like a little hint of crab boil.

When you order sushi most places give you two pieces.  Here you can get one.  I like that because I can get more variety.  The only other place I know that does that is Mikimoto.  The sushi was very good.  Really fresh and tasty, but I was a little disappointed in the size of the pieces.  They were pretty small.


My waitress recommended the Tsinful Chocolate Tsunami for dessert.  Next time.  I had to try the bread pudding.  Ever see bread pudding in a sushi place?  I haven’t.  It was really good.  I was happy.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

601 Poydras St., Suite B, New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-608-3474

Blaine 5-3-2019



These noodles are delicious.  Buy them and eat them.  Period.

601 Poydras St., Suite B, New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-608-3474

Blaine 6-29-2019


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