City Pizza, West Palm Beach, FL Report #197

I ended up in West Palm Beach, Florida, craving pizza.  We found this place.  It’s located in a nice little entertainment area called City Place, full of bars, restaurants and a theater.

We decided to start with a Caesar Salad, and added grilled shrimp.  Very good salad, and the shrimp were delicious!  Seasoned well with a nice sear on them.  As good as any I’ve had back in New Orleans.

They serve New York style, thin crust pizzas here.  We decided on their Signature Pizza, which was topped with fresh spinach, Kalamata olives, red onions, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and Feta cheese, and their Meat Lover’s Pizza, which was topped with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs ham and bacon.

Both pizzas were excellent.  The crust was outstanding.  The veggies on the first one were really fresh, and all the meats on the other one didn’t make it greasy, which happens sometimes with those meat pizzas.

The dessert case looked tempting, but right around the corner was Rita’s, and since we don’t have one in New Orleans we had to head in there for dessert.  I love their frozen custard and Italian Ice!

Great pizza place if you find yourself in West Palm Beach.  I highly recommend it!

632 Hibiscus St., West palm Beach, FL  33401  Ph:

Blaine 5-10-2019


After a totally forgettable meal at Cabo Flats last night, and a great meal here before, we decided to visit one last time before we headed back to New Orleans.  We had the garlic rolls, a Stromboli, a BBQ Chicken pizza, a Quarto Formaggi pizza, and the “Tour of Italy”, which consisted of manicotti, ravioli, a stuffed shell, meatballs and Italian sausage all covered in cheese and baked.

I could try hard and not find one thing to complain about.  Everything was delicious!  I love this place.  I hope to get back one day!

632 Hibiscus St. #110, West Palm Beach, FL  33401  Ph:  561-833-2323

Blaine 5-12-2019





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