Epic Buffet, Bay St. Louis, MS Report #201

If you’re driving down Highway 90 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, you can’t miss the giant, neon, Hollywood Casino sign directing you where to turn to get there.  Inside the casino you’ll find the Epic Buffet.  I think it’s worth a stop!

I wouldn’t normally report on a casino buffet unless there was something special about it.  I reported on the Palace Buffet (Report #89) because besides having pretty good food, it’s the only smoke free casino on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I thought that info would be good to pass along for people averse to cigarette smoke.

This one isn’t smoke free, but on Friday and Saturday nights it’s SERIOUSLY special.  They have lobster on the buffet!  Other notable food items are snow crab, Royal Red shrimp, boiled crawfish, ribeye steaks grilled to order, whole fried catfish and fried frog legs.  Also, I grabbed one of those stuffed clams pictured for the hell of it thinking they’d be nothing but bread crumbs and I’d be disappointed.  I was wrong!  They’re pretty good.

I love Royal Red shrimp but they were a little overcooked for my liking.  After five lobsters I was too full to get a steak.  I did try the fried shrimp and chicken though, both of which were very good.  And they have that classic New Orleans, dessert.  Banana Pudding.  Just like my mom used to make!  The dessert bar is really extensive.

If you decided to roam around the casino before or after your meal they have free soda fountains for your convenience.

The buffet is $34.99, which I think is a pretty good price for all you get.  If you’re into casino buffets, I highly recommend this one!

711 Hollywood Blvd., Bay St. Louis, MS  39520  Ph: 866-758-2591

Blaine 5-24-2019

2 thoughts on “Epic Buffet, Bay St. Louis, MS Report #201

  1. I am 84 years of age. I cannot eat 35.00 dollars of foot a week. THERE should be seniors buffet. We could eat for sa 25.00 and have some funds to gamble, knowing the casino wll take that. The machines are so tight y ou can forget winning. I have spent so much there since they tjrned the key in the door. They can look b ack and see members long standing some 35 years should receive a c ard giving low cost dinners at least twice a month for two. A couple on SS checks can’t afford $70.00 to eat a small plate of foot. PLEASE CONSIDER. AS I SAY, I AM HEADING FOR 85 AND I DON’T DO LOUNGES, OLD FOLKS BINGO, THE CASINO , I CN GO ALONE AND STILL BE A,MONG A CROUD AND A LITTLE LIFE T O ENJOY.
    SINCERELY, merle BrennanI I2000059974.

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