Mary Mahoney’s, Biloxi, MS Report #202

I’d love coming to this place just for it’s beauty and history.  This is a must dine at place if you visit Biloxi, Mississippi.  How many other restaurants you know of with an over 2,000 year old oak tree in it’s courtyard?  Pictured is the courtyard, bar and just a few of their dining rooms.  It’s like walking into a friends house and each room is a different dining room.  A very rich friend, that is.  Not like any of my friends.

The menu:

And we decided on:

Well, we almost decided on all of that, if it hadn’t been for an extraordinary action by our waiter.  My dining partner ordered the Shrimp & Lump Crabmeat (St. Patrick).  Our waiter informed her that the garlic butter Worchestire sauce it was served with was very strong, and somewhat an acquired taste.  He said the dish is covered with it, so if you don’t like the sauce, you won’t like the dish!  He offered to bring her a little sample to try first.  She did, and she didn’t like the sauce.  Saved us from wasting our money on a dish we wouldn’t have cared for.  I’m nominating him for waiter of the year!

She also wanted a cup of gumbo, and he informed us we could substitute any soup for our dinner salad.  She did.  I stuck with the salad with blue cheese dressing.  My dining partner opted for the Melba, and I went with the Stuffed Snapper.

The food:

I’ve got to start with the bread!  A delicious loaf of hot, crusty French bread.  French breads aren’t all equal and this was the best I’ve ever had outside of New Orleans.

The seafood gumbo was loaded with shrimp and very good.  Seasoned very well.

My dinner salad was great.  All the veggies were very fresh.  I really liked the dressing.  I wanted to ask if it was house made but I forgot. It tasted like it.

The Shrimp & Crab Au Gratin was yummy.  Instead of just melted cheese on top it was kind of blistered to almost make it a cheese crust.  Loved that.

We both thought our entrees were outstanding.  I’d highly recommend both of them.  My dining partner really liked the lemon butter sauce that came with my stuffed snapper, so she asked our waiter if she could get some of it.  Like a flash, he was back at our table with a cup of it for her.

We happened to be celebrating a special occasion, so they brought us a dessert on the house.  Their bread pudding with rum sauce and vanilla ice cream.  I’m a bread pudding connoisseur and this was one of the best I’ve ever had.  If you don’t like a strong rum sauce though, you might want to order that on the side.  It was pretty powerful!  Just how I like it!

Wonderful place.  I couldn’t recommend it any higher.

110 Rue Magnolia, Biloxi, MS  39530  Ph: 228-374-0163

Blaine 5-25-2019

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