Wakin’ Bakin’, New Orleans, LA Report #204


Sometimes it’s hard to find a good, Sunday morning breakfast place that’s not packed. I think I found one! Nice variety on the menu, and in true New Orleans style, a breakfast drink menu so you can start your Sunday with a buzz!

We decided on:

And the food:

My dining partner had the Breakfast Bowl with grits and scrambled eggs.  She said it was really good.  I reached over with my fork to try a taste and got stabbed in the hand, so I had to take her word for it.

Our waitress was really great.  Not because she put direct pressure on my hand to stop the bleeding, but because she warned me about the BBQ Shrimp and Grits.  When I ordered it, she said that it wasn’t a traditional BBQ Shrimp, but had a good bit of worchestire sauce in it, so it had what she described as a Balsamic vinegar taste.

First of all, in my opinion traditional New Orleans BBQ Shrimp should have worchestire sauce in the sauce!  Second, I love balsamic vinegar.  So I told her bring it on!  But it was nice of her to warn me.  I also ordered two over easy eggs a la carte to go with it.

Someone else brought my dish out, with the eggs on top, which is what I planned to do anyway.  Our waitress came out to be sure we had gotten everything, and she said, “Oh, I see you already put your eggs on top.”  I said, “No, they brought it to me like that.”  She said, “WHAT?  I didn’t tell them to do that!  You want us to redo the dish?”  I told her that wasn’t necessary, because that’s how I wanted it.  But again, that was really nice of her.  And the dish was delicious!

I took a picture of the toast because it wasn’t your regular white toast.  They make their own sourdough in house.  It was hearty, buttery, crispy and delicious.  Hard to tell by the picture, but trust me.  It’s good.

I’m not sure why they call the pancakes “pancrepes”, but they were pretty good.  Nothing special about them.  But I do like the way they serve real butter instead of some whipped vegetable oil spread to put on them.

Great place!  I highly recommend it!

3625 Prytania St., New Orleans, LA 70115  Ph: 504-534-5698

Blaine 6-2-2019


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