Johnny Sanchez, New Orleans, LA Report #205

I get tired of the same old Tex-Mex menus at Mexican restaurants.  They all have basically the same food with maybe slight variations.  So when I saw this place had pig ears and crawfish enchiladas on the menu, I figured I’d give it a try!

Beautiful place.  I decided on:

And the food:

I don’t remember where I heard it, but I’ve always heard there was something special about Mexican Coke.  I normally just drink water with my meals, but I figured I’d give it a try.  I couldn’t tell any difference from regular Coke.  Maybe it was a little sweeter?  Either way, I wished I had kept my $3 and just stuck with the water.

I’ve eaten every part of a pig from snout to tail, and feet to top.  But it hit me one part of the pig I had never tried was the ears!  So I decided to try the Pig Ear Chilaquiles.

I looked up “Chilaquiles”.  It’s basically a Mexican dish consisting of fried tortilla chips, some kind of sauce, maybe some meat, and a fried or scrambled egg.  Here, instead of tortilla chips they use fried pig ears.

This dish was delicious!  The pig ears were like craklins.  Very crispy and seasoned really well, with a sprinkling of crumbled cheese and an over easy egg.  Generous portion too, if you’d want to share it.

The Street Corn, or Elote, was pretty good.  This is only my second time trying that.  The only other place I had it was a place called Los Jefes, and I thought this one was better.

The Louisiana Crawfish Enchiladas were really good.  They came to my table still bubbling hot from the oven.  Full of crawfish, and the tomatillo-avocado salsa was tasty.  They were topped with pickled peppers and onions that really complimented the dish well.

Great place.  I recommend it!

930 Poydras St., New Orleans, LA  70112  Ph: 504-304-6615

Blaine 6-7-2019

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