Surrey’s Café & Juice Bar, New Orleans, LA Report #212


This place bills itself as New Orleans oldest organic juice bar.  I could care less about juice.  I want FOOD!  And what a glorious place it is for food!

Small little cramped joint, so if you have to wait for a table you’ll be waiting outside.  There are some trees around so at least you’ll be in the shade.  To save space on the tables the condiments are mounted on the wall.  Cute idea.

We decided on:


And the food:


The crabmeat omelet and the boudin biscuit breakfast were delicious.  First place I ever saw boudin formed into patties and fried for breakfast.  And it tasted like they put cream in the grits, which is always a good thing!

Then there was the Bananas Foster French Toast.  This was beyond delicious.  I’ll be dreaming about this tonight!  Stuffed with a banana cream cheese.  I asked our waiter how they make the banana cream cheese.  He said they smash bananas into cream cheese with brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.  And forget syrup.  The Bananas Foster sauce was fantastic!

Great place with a really friendly staff.  I highly recommend it!

1418 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-524-3828

Blaine 6-30-2019


Back today, and we got:

And the food:

Oh my God.  Everything was delicious!

My dining partner had the Corned Beef Hash, but she let me taste it without too much of a fight.  The corned beef was in chunks, not chopped up.  It also had boudin and andouilli sausage in it.  Add some home fries and a a couple scrambled eggs (I would have gotten over easy), and you’ve got a delicious breakfast!  The corned beef reminded me of my favorite in the city, the house made corned beef at The Fairgrounds.

I had breakfast in mind when we came in, then I saw the Crab Melt sandwich.  I know jumbo lump crab meat is expensive, so I wasn’t optimistic it’d be loaded with it.   Well, it was!  Deliciously cheesy and  buttery, with a delicious remoulade dressing on it.  A sandwich I will definitely come back here to get again!

Speaking of decadent seafood sandwiches, I’d feel remiss not to mention in the very next block you can get a delicious, fried lobster Po-boy at Fat Boy Pantry.

And finally, the Bananas Foster French Toast.  I can’t praise this dish enough.  Don’t even think about coming here and not getting it.

I can’t recommend this place any higher.

1418 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-524-3828

Blaine 10-22-2019


9 thoughts on “Surrey’s Café & Juice Bar, New Orleans, LA Report #212

    1. When I was a kid you couldn’t find boudin in the New Orleans area. It’s becoming more and more available here. You had to go out to Cajun country to get boudin. My dad is from Opelousas, LA., and every time we’d go out there we’d bring some home to put in the freezer. Back then you could get red boudin. When they’d slaughter the hog they’d bleed it into a big washtub, then add the blood to the boudin. For some reason they made it illegal. If you’ve never had it you really should try it! Walmart carries a brand called “Richard’s” (pronounced Ree-Shard in Cajun Country). It’s made in Cajun country and is pretty close to the real deal!

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