Freddie’s Chicken N’ Waffles, New Orleans, LA Report #213

***************     PERMANENTLY CLOSED     ***************

This place is located in Algiers, on the Westbank of New Orleans.  The mural inside depicts a historic New Orleans neighborhood called Algiers Point. You can order off the breakfast or lunch menu any time of day.

We decided on this plus a pancake:

And the food:

When we arrived the place was basically empty.  I had heard from several people the food here was good, but the service was very slow.  So after we ordered I set my timer.  It took 35 minutes for our food to arrive.  Yeah, I guess that qualifies as slow!  We did see numerous orders being packed “to go” as we waited.  This may be another case of diners inside the restaurant being neglected for people calling in delivery orders.

My shrimp and grits were very good.  The grits were cooked perfectly and swimming in seasoned butter.  Shrimp are delicious in and of themselves, but these would have been better if they put them on the grill or griddle and put a little sear on them.  Still, a great dish!

My dining partner had the chicken and waffles.  They only serve fried chicken tenders.  We were curious to see if the tenders were made inhouse, or came out of a bag frozen.  We bother agreed these were made inhouse.  Seasoned and battered deliciously, and fried nice and crisp.  The waffles were also delicious.

You can add a pancake to your meal for $2, which I did.  Very yummy pancake.  Tasted like it was fried in butter until crisp around the edges.

Good food if you don’t mind waiting for it!

3518 Kabel Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131  Ph: 504-827-1688

Blaine 7-7-2019


Well, when you quickly develop a reputation as being slow, I guess it was inevitable.  This place is permanently closed.

3518 Kabel Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131  Ph: 504-827-1688

Blaine 7-5-2021

6 thoughts on “Freddie’s Chicken N’ Waffles, New Orleans, LA Report #213

    1. First time I ever heard of that combo was on the Food Network, and they featured an Aretha Franklin Chicken And Waffles restaurant in Atlanta. I actually traveled there (not just for that) and had it. Didn’t see what all the excitement was about! 😒


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