Gus’s Fried Chicken, New Orleans, LA Report #214

As Hurricane Barry made landfall in Louisiana, I woke up and could only think about one thing.  I want some fried chicken!  So I headed to the very newly opened Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.

Normally I wouldn’t review a chain, which this is.  They have 29 locations in 13 states.  This is the only location in Louisiana.  But before they even opened there was a serious buzz on social media about how special this place was.  People were seriously excited about us getting a Gus’s here in New Orleans.  I had never heard of them.  So I had to come see what was so special about this place.

One thing that’s different from other fried chicken chains is you don’t order at a counter, then wait until your number is called to get your food.  Here you sit at a table and a waiter/waitress waits on you.  The chicken plates come with baked beans, coleslaw and a slice of white bread.  It’s .50 cents extra if you want to substitute a different side.  And they ONLY serve spicy chicken, so if you prefer mild, you’re out of luck here.

I normally just drink water but I was curious about their lemonade.  I asked the waiter if they made they’re lemonade inhouse.  He said they did, so I ordered it.  I asked the wrong question.  I should have asked if their lemonade was fresh squeezed.  That’s what I really wanted to know.  It’s not.  You could tell it was made from a powder.  It tasted like Country Time lemonade if you’ve ever had that.

The fried chicken was delicious!  Since I was born and raised in New Orleans what some may consider very spicy, isn’t spicy at all to me. I could taste this had some spice to it, but it’s not overly spicy.  Don’t let the fact it’s advertised as spicy scare you away.  Give it a try!

Fried okra is listed as a starter, but of course you could have it as a side.  It was very good.  As far as the rest of the sides the baked beans were just ok.  Might was well have been out of a can.  My dining partner ordered the fries without the seasoning sprinkled on them.  They were very good, as was the Mac & Cheese.    The slaw was really good!  The best side we had.

For dessert we ordered the Chess Pie.  Awful.  Unless you’d like a dessert that taste like eating a forkful of crystalized sugar, I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

If you want some great fried chicken, I recommend this place!

308 S. Diamond St., New Orleans, LA  70130   Ph: 504-252-4870

Blaine 7-13-2019


Back for another visit. Love that beautiful chandelier hanging from the rusting iron beams.

My first visit they were really busy, so they were frying a lot of chicken. When we ordered we didn’t have to wait. The place was pretty empty this visit, so after we ordered, we had about a 20 minute wait for our food. I asked the waitress if they fry it when people order it. She said they do, that’s why it takes awhile.

Chicken fried to order is a great thing! I don’t mind the wait. But tonight it was a bad thing because I was starving! Biting into a thigh which I knew was hot as hell didn’t work out to well. It bit me back with a squirt of hot juice to my lip!

But I survived. Great place with delicious fried chicken.

308 S. Diamond St., New Orleans, LA 70130. Ph: 504-252-4870

Blaine 11-17-2019


If you’re craving fried chicken during this Caronavirus apocalypse, where everything is shut down, don’t go get some that’s been sitting under heat lamps.  When you call in your order here, that’s when they fry it!  So give them 20 minutes.  Dine in is closed, of course, but you can sit inside and wait for your order if you get there a little early, like I did.  Delicious!

308 S. Diamond St., New Orleans, LA 70130. Ph: 504-252-4870

Blaine 3-29-2020


I had a reservation tonight for the COOLinary dinner at the Peppermill. I canceled it since we have potential Category 4 hurricane Ida heading our way. Too much to do around the house to get ready for it.

Took a break from my hurricane prep to run to Gus’s and grab a three piece with potato salad and coleslaw. Still delicious. That is all!

308 S. Diamond St., New Orleans, LA 70130. Ph: 504-252-4870

Blaine 8-27-2021

12 thoughts on “Gus’s Fried Chicken, New Orleans, LA Report #214

    1. I had never heard of them until this location opened. They’re only in 13 states. It’s more sit down. I liked their chicken better than Popeye’s, but Popeye’s may have them beat on the sides. The baked beans here may as well have been out of a can. I love Popeye’s red beans. However the portion sizes of the sides are bigger at Gus’s.

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      1. I love Popeye’s dirty rice…I need to try their red beans.
        Gus’s sounds like a good place. It’s amazing how many people can mess up fried chicken

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    1. It’s a little complicated. The hurricane was actually coming ashore in Louisiana, but well west of New Orleans. They were expecting a lot of the rain bands to still hit us, so it was going to be more of a rain event, than a wind event, which still could cause flooding. I did tie my garbage cans to the porch though! But to show you how things go, it didn’t rain at all while we were eating, but the rain bands extended so far east Gulfport, Mississippi was getting pounded with rain!

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