Fat Boy Pantry, New Orleans, LA Report #215

When I heard this place sold a fried lobster poboy, I thought there had to be some kind of gimmick to it.  Was it artificial lobster meat?  Made with some kind of lobster flavored Alaskan fish?  Or was it real lobster and they only put a skimpy portion of lobster meat on it?  I know some places down here sell lobster rolls, but not fried lobster poboys.  I had to get here and check it out.

Well, it was the real deal.  Real lobster meat, and plenty of it!  Seasoned and fried perfectly.  Your sandwich comes wrapped up in white paper as poboys often do.   When the guy came and put it on the table I asked, “Where are the fries”?  He said they were wrapped up with the sandwich.

The bread wasn’t the traditional New Orleans French bread, but rather some kind of elongated bun. It was good though!  And the fries were nice and crisp.  Just rough chopped potatoes with no weird batter or anything.  Just how I like them.

We also tried the Havana, which is their version of a Cuban sandwich.  It was pretty good but nothing special about it worth mentioning.

If you’re a lobster and poboy lover like me, do yourself a favor and come here and try one of these.  You’ll love it!

1302 magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-239-9514

Blaine 7-22-2019


Back today for lunch.  Split another fried lobster with my dining partner, plus we tried the U’Z in Philly Sandwich.  A Philly Cheesesteak.  Ribeye with cheese wiz and onions.  Absolutely delicious!

1302 magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-239-9514

Blaine 8-24-2019




Back for another lobster poboy, and today we decided to try the Wild Boar Sloppy Jo. I see why their bread for their poboys is so good. They get it from Gendusa’s. They’ve been making French bread in New Orleans since 1922!

The lobster poboy is still delicious. The wild boar sloppy jo is made with real wild boar meat. It’s good, but once you mix it with the BBQ sauce and everything it might as well be ground beef. It looses any uniqueness.

Very good lunch.

1302 magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-239-9514

Blaine 8-7-2021

16 thoughts on “Fat Boy Pantry, New Orleans, LA Report #215

  1. Fries packed into a sandwich? Up here, we call those “Fat Sandwiches”. I thought it was strictly a Jersey thing. Some place even go so far as to pack mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders (in addition to fries) into sandwiches such as a cheesesteak. The Stewart’s Root Beer chain is famous for them.

    Anyway, fried lobster got my attention. That looks delicious! Never seen that anywhere up here, or my travels along the east coast.

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    1. No, the fries weren’t ON the sandwich. They just wrapped them up in the paper WITH the sandwich, which I had never seen before. They normally wrap your poboy up in paper and dump your fries in a small bag. Or in one of those little cardboard boats in a bag. Now a lot of places do sell French fry poboys. No meat. Just French fries on the sandwich.

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      1. Oh, my mistake! I don’t think I’ve ever seen fries wrapped in the same packaging either.
        I’m fascinated by this lobster poboy. I just shared the link on my blog’s Facebook.

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      2. That’s in the style of traditional fish and chips, all wrapped together. Although usually in newspaper. Fun in concept but actually sogg-ifies (definitely not a word) the final moment.

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  2. Man, you are killing me with this food… It looks great. Next time we head to Florida we might have to detour in Louisana. I’ve wanted to go there anyway.

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      1. I love to eat…Yea I wanna go down there anyway to check out all I’ve read about…but yea the food I’ve heard so much about….now I can see pics.

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