Tres Bon Cajun Meats, River Ridge, LA Report #216


This place is in River Ridge, Louisiana, which is located not too far west of New Orleans.  I heard good things about their BBQ so I figured I’d go give it a try.  Right in the front parking lot there was a big BBQ pit on wheels belching out smoke.  If I had a trailer hitch on my car I could have just hooked it up, hit the gas and got my BBQ to go!  But since I didn’t, I had to go in.  Glad I did.  Where else can you go and find pinball machines and a phone booth!

We decided on the pepperjack cheese stuffed fried boudin balls, the House Special, a Swamp Egg, 1/4 pound of crackling, and a pulled pork and ribs plate with jambalaya, potato salad and mac n cheese.

The food:

Boudin is a seasoned pork and rice sausage popular in Louisiana.  To make boudin balls you take the sausage out the casing (or just don’t put it in a casing when you make it), coat it, and deep fry it.  Again, we ordered our boudin balls stuffed with pepperjack cheese.

The first picture above is our SECOND order.  Three come to an order.  Our first order came with one stuffed, and two plain boudin balls.  Unluckily for me my dining partner gobbled the stuffed one down and said it was delicious.  I then cut the other two in half and saw they were plain.  I brought them back to the counter.  The guy behind the counter apologized (very nice people there) and said he’d have another order out right away.

Well, the second order came out piping hot, I cut them all open, and they were ALL plain!  I returned them to the counter and the same guy couldn’t believe it!  I asked if maybe they had them labeled wrong in the back and he said something about a problem he had with the supplier.  Either way he didn’t charge us for them and threw our drinks in on the house.  All that being said, they are served with a jalapeño remoulade sauce and are very good!

The Swamp Egg was boudin mixed with eggplant and cheddar and wrapped in bacon.  I love eggplant.  It wasn’t particularly cheesy but it was delicious!  The eggplant and boudin combo works really well.

I was skeptical about a rice based sausage being put on a sandwich.  It was just ok.  Apparently they fry the bread and that made it a little greasy for my taste.

The cracklins, which are deep fried pork skin, were very tasty.

Lastly, the pulled pork and ribs on the BBQ plate were ok.  Nothing special.  But the sides were really good!

Pretty good place.  I wouldn’t make a special trip to River Ridge to eat there, but if I was hungry and in the area I’d definitely stop in again!

10316 Jefferson Hwy., River Ridge, LA 70123  Ph: 504-405-5355

Blaine 7-26-2019

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