Superior Grill, New Orleans, LA Report #218


A coworker of mine told me he came here and had the Seafood Chile Con Queso.  He raved about it.  I decided to give it a try.  We decided on:

And the food:


You can get the Seafood Chili Con Queso with shrimp, crawfish or a combo.  We decided to go just with the crawfish.  It was delicious.  We could tell they used Louisiana crawfish because they were so tender.  Imported crawfish tend to have kind of a rubbery texture.  Our only regret was we didn’t order a the large size.

As far as the rest of the meal, everything else was just “Ok” at best.

The chili relleno that came with my El Paso plate had so much cheese on it all I could taste was cheese.  I’m a cheese lover, so I never thought I’d hear myself saying there was even such a thing as TOO MUCH cheese!

My dining partner had the Crispy Puffy taco Dinner.  She said they were like taco salads.  She wasn’t very impressed, commenting that the meat inside them tasted like it wasn’t seasoned at all.  A lack of seasoning is a mortal sin in New Orleans.

Nothing else really to say.  This won’t go into my book as one of my favorite locations for Tex-Mex.

3636 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA  70115  Ph: 504-899-4200

Blaine 8-3-2019


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