Central City BBQ, New Orleans, LA Report #219

I’ve heard good things about the BBQ here, so I had to come check it out.  Nice looking place, with seating inside and out.  There’s a stage outside so I’m assuming they have live entertainment at times.  I was going to ask about that, but I was so hungry and excited about the food I forgot.  Speaking of the food, we got a little of everything:

Meat wise, we got turkey, smoked sausage, ribs, chicken, pulled pork and USDA Prime brisket burnt ends.  For sides we had the crispy brussel sprouts, mac and cheese, pit house beans, fries and cole slaw.

Everything was delicious.  I think the burnt ends were the best.  Unbelievably juicy considering by definition they were burnt!  And a great smoky flavor.  The ribs had a nice bark on them and were also really juicy and very tender.  And on the half chicken, the breast meat was still juicy.

As for the sides, I loved the crunchy chopped bacon on top the mac n cheese.  You could tell the beans were house made.  They weren’t mushy like doctored up pork and beans out of a can.  And my dining partner that had the crispy brussels sprouts loved them.

New Orleans isn’t known for it’s BBQ, so I appreciate when I find a good BBQ spot. This definitely is one.  I highly recommend it!

1201 S. Rampart St., New Orleans, LA  70113  Ph: 504-558-4276

Blaine 8-4-2019


I had enough turkey yesterday so today it was BBQ for lunch.  I decided on the Brisket Chili Cheese Fries and the USDA Prime Brisket Sandwich.

First, the strawberry lemonade is delicious!  The brisket chili over the fries has big chunks of brisket in it, and the fries were fried nice and crisp.  Great dish.

You can get the sandwich with the brisket sliced or chopped.  I decided on chopped.  Maybe I should have gotten sliced, because the one complaint I have is I didn’t think the sandwich had enough meat on it.  Otherwise it was delicious.

Great place for BBQ.

1201 S. Rampart St., New Orleans, LA 70113 Ph: 504-558-4276

Blaine 11-29-2019



Been away for too long! Tonight, we decided on:

% the food %

For an extra $2 you can add slaw to any sandwich. I did. This is the tenderest brisket you will find anywhere. Utterly delicious.

We wanted the burnt ends on the two-meat tray, but instead of the beef they only had the pork Cowboy candy ones. I was worried they’d be too sweet, but they weren’t. Quite tasty! As was the dark meat chicken.

Our sides were BBQ beans, French fries and potato salad. Good as always.

I like this place!

1201 S. Rampart St., New Orleans, LA 70113 Ph: 504-558-4276

Blaine 7-10-2022

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