Lee’s Hamburgers, Metairie, LA Report #227

This place has been here as long as I can remember, but until today I’ve never stopped in.  I’m not sure how long this location has been here, but the original Lee’s opened up in downtown New Orleans in 1901!

Small place.  Only four booths and five tables.  But that should be plenty, because the first ever location of Shake Shack in the New Orleans area opened right across the street and everyone is excited as hell about that.

There’s a jukebox in the dining room.  You hardly see that anymore, but don’t worry about it distracting you from your meal.  It doesn’t work.

My dining partner and I both decided on the #3, The Works.  A burger dressed with mustard, mayo, pickles, cheese, ketchup, lettuce and tomato.  We got one with fries, the other with onion rings, and a vanilla shake.

The burgers were delicious!  I like the size of them.  Not too big and not too small.  If I had to guess I’d say it’s probably about a 1/4 pound patty?  I didn’t notice until I sat down to write this that the menu said all burgers came with grilled onions.  I don’t think our burgers had any.  If they did, neither one of us noticed them.

The fries and onion rings were great.  Fried nice and crisp.  I also liked the consistency of the vanilla shake.  Not too thick to get through the straw.  I hate when I get one I need to eat with a spoon.  Whenever I get one like that I feel like returning it and saying, “If I wanted ice cream I would have ordered ice cream”!  But I’m too sweet and mellow a guy to do such a thing.

Since there are no deserts on the menu, keep in mind it’s only a short drive down Veterans Blvd. to the Café Du Monde.  There’s no better dessert than beignets and a cup of Café Au Lait!


Great little hamburger joint.  I recommend it!

3516 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-381-5111

Blaine 9-2-2019


Long overdue for a return visit here. I got the #3 and my dining partner got the #5 with the BBQ side. We also got a large order of fries to split.

%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%

#3 and fries


Again, the burgers were delicious! And the fires here are perfect. Plain, lightly salted crisp fried potatoes. No stupid batter on them.

Oh, and you can get any burger with two hamburger patties. Being extra hungry that’s what I had on my #3.

Great place.

3516 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: (504) 381-5111

Blaine 4-1-2023


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