Brick Oven Café, Kenner, LA Report #230

After a delicious Italian dinner last night at Venezia’s, followed by Italian desserts at Brocoto’s, you’d think I’d want a change.  No. We were in the mood for pizza, so why not make Italian food the theme for this weekend?

I love this place.  The staff is always friendly and the menu pretty extensive.  We decided on:

And the food!

The bread here is great.  A crusty, hot baguette served with real butter.  And again, the staff is great.  There were two of us and they brought two pieces of bread to the table.  My dining partner is pretty troublesome, so if they brought three pieces I know it would have been a fight over the third piece!  After we gobbled those two pieces down they promptly brought us more.

The Eggplant Rolatine is listed under appetizers, but easily big enough to be an entrée.  It’s like a cannelloni, but with eggplant in place of the pasta sheets.  Stuffed with a generous amount of herbed cheeses.  Very good.

They make great pizza here.  The specialty pizza we got, the Liberta, was topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, red peppers, mushrooms, roasted garlic, Calamata olives, mozzarella, crushed red pepper and marinara.  I love the way they serve slices of Italian sausage on their pizza instead of ground sausage.  And the Calamata olives instead of the little canned black olive slices you get at some places.  In fact, when my daughter was maybe 7 or 8, she loved black olives on pizza.  Not real, Calamata olives, of course.  So we came here, she asked for black olives on the pizza, and was appalled.  As an adult now she loves them!

Overeating, as we always do, we also ordered the Carbonara.  We told the waiter we wanted to split that, so he brought it to our table in two separate bowls.  I asked him, “Did y’all really split one entrée between us?  Or made us each one”?  He said they split one, and added they don’t mess around as far as portion size here.

If there’s one pasta dish you must try here, it’s this one.  Full of Pancetta, onions and cheese, in a creamy, thick delicious sauce.  We ate out of one bowl and took the other one home.  It’ll easily make another meal.  Delicious dish.

Great restaurant.  I highly recommend it!

2805 Williams Blvd., Kenner LA  70062  Ph: 504-466-2097

Blaine 9-7-2019



     Can’t believe it’s been over two years since I’ve been here.  What we had last time was so good we went with basically the same thing!

#### THE FOOD ####

Some people could care less about the complimentary bread they bring to you before your meal. I live for it. I think I will elevate my opinion of this bread to the best you can get! I absolutely hate when a place gives you soft French bread. French bread should be crusty. This one is, and fresh out the oven hot. It couldn’t be better.

We got a half and half pizza. Half Florentina and half Liberta. Excellent. As was the pasta Carbonara.

Today I verified the place is still good. Come on in!

2805 Williams Blvd., Kenner LA  70062  Ph: 504-466-2097

Blaine 10-30-2021

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