Steak ‘n Shake, Mobile, AL Report #233

I’m taking a little road trip.  I don’t normally report on chains UNLESS they’re really special, or they have a great burger.  I love burgers.  And this place has great ones.  That explains why they’ve survived since 1934!  I just wish we had one of these back in New Orleans.  They say they’re in 28 states, including Louisiana, but just not in my neck of the woods.

However, I knew about this one in Mobile, AL., so we had to stop. Just look at this,,,


Where else on God’s green earth can you get TWO different flavors of a shake in the same glass??  I love banana, and I love chocolate, so I ordered the BANOCOLATE!  Now that I’m saying it it sounds like some kind of medical procedure. We also ordered Garlic Steakburger, the Prime Steakburger, and since we had never tried their hotdogs, a Chili Cheese Steak Frank.

The food:

The shake was delicious.  Chocolate on the right, banana on the left.  Unless you were sitting across the table from me.  Then the chocolate would have been on the left.

Both burgers were excellent.  Well seasoned, juicy beef patties.  And thin cut, unbattered, crisp fries, seasoned with juts a little salt.  Just the way I like them.  They also have their own seasoning if you want to season up your burgers or fries, but it isn’t necessary in my opinion.

As far as the chili dog?  Uh, no.  If there was any meat in the chili I couldn’t find it.  Only beans.  Pinto beans I think.  Seemed to be just a bean chili.  Didn’t really taste bad but when I order chili on a hot dog, I don’t want to see beans in it!  Maybe it’s an Alabama thing.  I’ll stick with their burgers.

Great place!  I recommend it!

3125 Government Blvd., Mobile, AL  36606  Ph: 251-476-2668

Blaine 9-21-2019

5 thoughts on “Steak ‘n Shake, Mobile, AL Report #233

  1. I like food places with history. Even if the food is so-so, I still like to visit them before the place gets bought out by a big corporation or gets demolished.

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