Metro Cafe Diner, Stone Mountain, GA Report #234

Ok, this should be my last out of town report on this road trip.  I’m heading back to New Orleans tomorrow.  I say “should be”, because no telling where I may stop and eat on the way home.

We were staying at Stone Mountain Park and decided to leave the park for dinner.  This place is right outside the park.  I love old fashioned diners.  In fact, back in March, I discovered this diner in Kenner, LA, called the American Pie Diner.  I went there twice and fell in love with it, so as my luck would have it it promptly went out of business!

As soon as you walk in the front door of this place you’ll notice the huge, refrigerated section containing numerous cakes and pies.  They looked delicious.  While you’re dining you’ll enjoy oldies from the 50’s and 60’s.  My kind of music.

Pretty extensive menu.  I felt like I had to order a burger coming to a place like this, but I had just had one at Shake n Steak the day before yesterday.  Then last night at the hotel I had a Reuben sandwich, so I was pretty sandwiched out.  We decided on nachos as an appetizer.  My dining partner ordered a half rack of ribs with fries and I ordered the Country Fried Steak.

The food!

I was expecting the nachos to come out first but our waitress brought out the dinner salads.  You also had a choice of chicken noodle, tomato basil, or some kind of lemon Greek chicken soup, but we both opted for salads.  Good little salads!  Nice cold, fresh Romaine lettuce, with a wedge of tomato and some sliced onion and cucumber.  My blue cheese salad dressing was very good too, with some nice chunks of blue cheese in it.

The nachos were really good.  Warm crisp tortilla chips and plenty of melted cheese.  The guacamole on it was outstanding!  It had a really strong, and delicious, garlic flavor.  Never thought i’d find guacamole this good in northern Georgia!

My dining partner loved her ribs.  The salads and nachos kind of filled her up, so she actually let me have one.  If she was still hungry I could have forgot about that.  I’d lose a finger trying to get one.  They were really tender and the BBQ sauce had a great flavor.

My chicken fried steak was delicious.  And the mashed potatoes were very good.  Only problem I had was the way they served it.  Everyone knows you make a deep well in the middle of the potatoes and fill it with gravy.  They just poured gravy over the top!  So after I ate all the gravy off the outside I asked the waitress for more, which she provided with no problem.

This morning for breakfast at our hotel they didn’t have pancakes.  Only waffles.  That didn’t sit right with me.  I’ve had a pancake hankering ever since.  So even with all the cakes and pies they have for dessert here, we ordered pancakes.  And they were yummy!

Great place.  If I ever get back here I’ll be stopping in again.

1905 Rockbridge Rd., Stone Mountain, GA  30087  Ph: 770-879-0101

Blaine 9-23-2019


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