Johnny’s Po-Boys, New Orleans, LA Report #236

This place has been around since 1950, and it took me until 2019 to get there.  I’m ashamed of myself.  That’s unacceptable.  But, better late than never!  It’s located in the French Quarter and a very short walk from Jackson Square and the Café du Monde.  So if you’re in the Quarter you can have lunch here, then walk to the Café du Monde and have some beignets for dessert!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE.  This place is CASH ONLY!  Don’t do like I did and not realize that until you are almost at the register.  Luckily they provide an ATM.  We ended up holding the line up a little while my dining partner went over to get some cash out of it.

We decided on seafood gumbo and jambalaya as appetizers, and for our po-boys two of their specialties.  The Judge Bosetta and the Surf & Turf.

And, the food:


The gumbo was pretty good.  Nice flavor, but we thought it could have used more ingredients.  There was a piece of crab and about 5 shrimp in it.  Okra too, which I like, but I know a lot of people don’t.

The jambalaya was excellent!  I don’t care for tomatoey jambalayas.  The ones that have that overwhelming taste of tomato sauce or paste, or even worse, pieces of tomatoes in them!  This was a nice dark one.  No hint a tomato got anywhere near it!  And seasoned really good.  I loved it.

The Judge Bosetta poboy consisted of grilled patties made of ground beef and hot and Italian sausage, topped with Swiss cheese.  We got both po-boys “dressed”, which means they add mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.  Very good.

But the Surf & Turf po-boy was the star of our lunch.  Hot roast beef po-boys are a New Orleans staple.  Every po-boy place makes them.  If anyone asked me where to get a really good one from now on, I’ll send them here.  The roast beef was plentiful and tender, and the brown gravy was one of the best gravies I’ve ever had on a po-boy.  That was the “turf” part.  For the “surf” part they add fried shrimp.  It was a thing of glory!  Utterly delicious.  You’ll use plenty of napkins eating it.

The fries are pictured last because we ate about half our lunch and then realized we had ordered fries, but never got them.  No big deal.  I went back to the counter and they apologized, and handed me an order.  They were good!

Great place.  I recommend it!

511 St. Louis St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-524-8129

Blaine 9-28-2019


One thought on “Johnny’s Po-Boys, New Orleans, LA Report #236

  1. I think I walked by this place when I was in New Orleans June of last year. That surf and turf sounds so divine! I will hit up this place next time I visit New Orleans!

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