Jasmine Rice Thai Cuisine, Gretna, LA Report #241

I was in the mood for Thai food tonight.  I live on the Westbank of New Orleans, and didn’t feel like crossing the river.  My favorite Thai place on the Westbank is Banana Blossom, but I felt like trying a different place.  There’s a place called “A Taste Of Thailand” that I’ve been hearing good things about, so I headed over there.  For some reason they closed early tonight!

I pulled out my iPhone, googled “Thai restaurants near me”, this one popped up, so I headed that way.  Amazingly, this restaurant is in the same place Banana Blossom used to be!  After they moved another Thai place jumped into their old spot!

I decided on fried calamari and the national dish of Thailand.  Pad Thai.  Shrimp Pad Thai to be exact.


I asked what the two sauces were with the calamari.  My waitress said the clearer one was a sweet and sour, and the other was a creamy sauce.  Both were good.

The calamari was fried very crispy and delightfully chewy.  I like a chewy texture.  It wasn’t tough or anything, but definitely not what you’d call tender.   Very good.

When I ordered the Pad Thai, my waitress asked me how spicy I wanted it.  I didn’t know what to tell her, then she said, “1 to 5”.  Her English wasn’t very good, but I understood she was giving me a scale to tell her the heat I wanted.

Now, I love spicy food.  If this had been a Creole or Cajun restaurant, I would have said 5.  But I’ve been to Thailand.  I know the Thai people don’t mess around when it comes to heat!  And it’s a different kind of heat than Louisiana style cayenne pepper heat.  So to be safe I told her, “Let’s go with 3”.

Take me advice.  If you come here, DO NOT go past a 3!  It was plenty spicy enough!  A 4, I probably couldn’t have enjoyed it.

It was delicious.  Seven really big shrimp in it.  Only thing is they left the tails on them.  I hate that.  I’m greedy and lazy.  So since I don’t eat shrimp tails, it slows my eating down and make me work to take the tails off!  Next time I get it I’ll just request they take the tails off.  But it was a great Pad Thai.

The only desserts they offer are mango with coconut sticky rice and fried ice cream.  I wasn’t in the mood for either one.  I went a few blocks away to Joe’s Café and had some coffee and donuts for dessert.

Banana Blossom can get a little crowded and noisy on weekends, so I’m glad I found this place.  I recommend it!

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy., #10, Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-9307

Blaine 10-12-2019




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