Jasmine Rice Thai Cuisine, Gretna, LA Report #241

I was in the mood for Thai food tonight.  I live on the Westbank of New Orleans, and didn’t feel like crossing the river.  My favorite Thai place on the Westbank is Banana Blossom, but I felt like trying a different place.  There’s a place called “A Taste Of Thailand” that I’ve been hearing good things about, so I headed over there.  For some reason they closed early tonight!

I pulled out my iPhone, googled “Thai restaurants near me”, this one popped up, so I headed that way.  Amazingly, this restaurant is in the same place Banana Blossom used to be!  After they moved another Thai place jumped into their old spot!

I decided on fried calamari and the national dish of Thailand.  Pad Thai.  Shrimp Pad Thai to be exact.


I asked what the two sauces were with the calamari.  My waitress said the clearer one was a sweet and sour, and the other was a creamy sauce.  Both were good.

The calamari was fried very crispy and delightfully chewy.  I like a chewy texture.  It wasn’t tough or anything, but definitely not what you’d call tender.   Very good.

When I ordered the Pad Thai, my waitress asked me how spicy I wanted it.  I didn’t know what to tell her, then she said, “1 to 5”.  Her English wasn’t very good, but I understood she was giving me a scale to tell her the heat I wanted.

Now, I love spicy food.  If this had been a Creole or Cajun restaurant, I would have said 5.  But I’ve been to Thailand.  I know the Thai people don’t mess around when it comes to heat!  And it’s a different kind of heat than Louisiana style cayenne pepper heat.  So to be safe I told her, “Let’s go with 3”.

Take me advice.  If you come here, DO NOT go past a 3!  It was plenty spicy enough!  A 4, I probably couldn’t have enjoyed it.

It was delicious.  Seven really big shrimp in it.  Only thing is they left the tails on them.  I hate that.  I’m greedy and lazy.  So since I don’t eat shrimp tails, it slows my eating down and make me work to take the tails off!  Next time I get it I’ll just request they take the tails off.  But it was a great Pad Thai.

The only desserts they offer are mango with coconut sticky rice and fried ice cream.  I wasn’t in the mood for either one.  I went a few blocks away to Joe’s Café and had some coffee and donuts for dessert.

Banana Blossom can get a little crowded and noisy on weekends, so I’m glad I found this place.  I recommend it!

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy., #10, Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-9307

Blaine 10-12-2019


My dining partner wanted Pad Thai for dinner.  I told her I knew a place that does a good job with that where we wouldn’t have to deal with the crowds at our normal “go to” place, Banana Blossom.  She got the combo Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp and pork.  She loved it.  I decided on the Duck Crepe, off the “Today’s Special” board, and the Garlic Stir-Fry with pork.

The food:

The Duck Crepes were DELICIOUS!  Not really a crepe, but more like a Naan Bread taco.  Tender, yummy duck and assorted lettuce with a slice of cucumber.  There was a brown sauce, kind of sweet like teriyaki, but with more of a gravy-like consistency.  WARNING!  I did get a bone in one of them (second picture, top right).  And I have no idea why the wooden skewers holding them together were labeled, “ALLERGY”.

If you’re a garlic lover like me, you’d love the Garlic Stir-Fry.  Generous helping of pork, a lot of garlic, and again, a light brown, slightly sweet gravy like sauce that went good over the white rice.

Great dinner!  I like this place.

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy., #10, Gretna, LA 70056 Ph: 504-392-9307

Blaine 1-3-2020


We were overdue for some Thai food, and this is a great place to scratch that itch! We decided on the pork and shrimp eggrolls, combo Pad Thai, the Crab Fried Rice, and sticky rice with mango for dessert.

The food!

The eggrolls and Pad Thai were both very good! Enough about them

Oh my God. The Crab Fried Rice. I asked the waitress before we ordered it if it had that imitation crab meat in it. She said it wasn’t. Just lump crab meat. So we got it. Maybe the best decision I made since I decided not to marry a psycho named Janet back in the 1980’s!

Even when you didn’t get a chunk of crab on your fork, the crab flavor was intense throughout the rice. Like they took a dozen fresh, whole crabs, put them in a big blender, strained out all the crab juice, and boiled the rice in it before frying! Some of the Pad Thai came home, but with this dish we cleaned the plate. There wasn’t a grain of rice left!

I asked the waitress what they had for dessert, and she said mango with sticky rice. Period. Nothing else. I said, “Ok”! As far as I’m concerned that’s all they need to have. It’s the perfect dessert. The rice was nice and sticky, with that delicious coconut milk flavor. The mango they sliced up was super ripe and really sweet.

Love this place. I’ll be back soon!

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy., #10, Gretna, LA 70056 Ph: 504-392-9307

Blaine 9-19-2020

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