Southern Charm Bistreaux & Bar, Gretna, LA Report #246

*************** PERMANENTLY CLOSED ***************

This place is in a building that used to be a restaurant called O’Brein’s Grille.  It was supposedly a fantastic fine dining restaurant, but it closed down after 10 years of operation.  I say “supposedly” because I kept putting off and never made it there to check it out for myself!

A long time New Orleans restaurant critic has a rule that I normally follow.  He gives new places about six months after they open before he goes.  He says people rush into new places just because they’re new, but the restaurant doesn’t have it’s act together yet.  Six months later, after they have time to get their act together, and people have stopped going, that’s when he goes!

Well, according to my waiter this place has been open for two months, but I’ve heard great things about it, so I figured we’d pop in and give them a try.

We decided on the BBQ Shrimp, Seafood Feast Pasta, Braised Beef Short Ribs, a side of their Craw-Cornbread Dressing and bread pudding for dessert.

And the food:

They started us out with two little pieces of what my waiter said was Granola Cornbread.  He said they experiment with different kinds each day, and he thought this one came out pretty good.  I agreed!  I liked it, but my dining partner thought it was too sweet.  I can understand that because I’m a pretty bitter person, and I need the sweetness to balance me out.  She’s already sweet.

BBQ Shrimp is a dish traditionally served with whole, unpeeled shrimp.  That’s messy and slows my eating down.  When I found out these were peeled, we decided to order them.  Five really big shrimp served inside of a small French bread.  This was the best thing we had.  The sauce was very flavorful and the bread was fresh, hot and delicious.  Excellent dish!

My dining partner ordered the seafood pasta, and I ordered the short ribs.  The pasta was supposed to come with fried oysters on top, but she wanted fried shrimp.  Our waiter said he’d go ask if they could make that substitution.

When he came back he said he had good news and bad news.  Good news was they’d throw some fried shrimp on the pasta.  Bad news was they didn’t have my short ribs!  I was sad.  So I opted for one of the specials not on the menu.  Lamb chops in a Bourbon sauce, with dirty rice and collard greens.  I don’t like collard greens so I told him just give me the crawfish cornbread dressing instead.

My dining partner enjoyed the pasta.  When she was almost finished and I figured it was safe to reach over and grab a taste without getting stabbed, I tasted it.  Very good!

My lambchops were also very good.   Three nice size lamb chops.  And I loved the dirty rice.  However, I didn’t care too much for the crawfish cornbread.  No crawfish in it to speak of, and it had a strange taste I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

We ordered the bread pudding for dessert and two cups of coffee, and then I was hit with my second disappointment.  We were told their coffee maker was broken.  I wasn’t sure if he meant a machine, or the person that makes it was in the hospital, but I didn’t ask.  I can’t eat bread pudding without coffee, so we decided to skip dessert.

Nice place with friendly people.  I think they’ll only get better as they have more time to iron the kinks out.  I recommend the place!

2020 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-302-7776

Blaine 11-8-2019



Sadly, I just learned this place has shut down.  

Blaine 12-31-2020

4 thoughts on “Southern Charm Bistreaux & Bar, Gretna, LA Report #246

  1. Great advice from the food critic! I learned this when I switched from being a foodie to being a food lover. I stopped chasing the latest food hype and now just eat what I want when I want it but still love food!

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