Liuzza’s, New Orleans, LA Report #247

This place isn’t associated at all with the Liuzza’s near the Fairgrounds Race Course.  Totally different restaurant and owners.

There’s a po-boy restaurant near here called Parkway Bakery & Tavern.  During the month of November they have a special Thanksgiving po-boy sandwich, with turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce on it.  They normally advertise it pretty heavily.  I’ve been wanting to try one for years.  Maybe three years ago we tried to get one, but changed our minds when we saw the line was down the street!  So we ended up here, at Liuzza’s for lunch.

Well, as far as I’ve noticed they haven’t advertised it much at all this year.  So I figured if we went at an off time, between lunch and dinner, maybe they wouldn’t have a line and I’d finally get one!  We went at about 2:00 PM and guess what?  There was a line down the sidewalk.  So history repeated itself.  Back to Liuzza’s.

I love old New Orleans neighborhood restaurants like this.  And if nothing else, this one is old!  In the men’s room they even have a urinal built into the ground that they keep full of ice.  You never see that anymore.  I love those!  I won’t get into why.

One thing they’re known for here is their draft beer served in a huge, frosted mug.  They’re also known for their “Frenchulleta”, which is basically a Muffelutta served on French bread.  Like a po-boy.  We ordered that with an order of fries, and also decided on a cup of gumbo, the Eggplant Napoleon Appetizer, an order of meatballs and spaghetti, and bread pudding for dessert.

And the food!

The gumbo is pretty good, but nothing to brag about.  Pretty light on ingredients.  That being said, for the price I wouldn’t order it again.

The Eggplant Napoleon was excellent!  Two fried eggplant rounds with fried shrimp sandwiched in between them, topped with a shrimp and artichoke cream sauce and pesto.  They make an entrée sized version of this over pasta.  Seriously delicious dish!

With your entrée they give you a nice little salad.  Nice, fresh veggies.

The Frenchulletta is fantastic.  And huge.  I wish I had measured it.  I’m not sure how big it is but you’d have to be a really big eater to knock one off by yourself.  They cut it into six pieces to make sharing easy.

The fries deserve mentioning.  Cut from obviously gigantic potatoes, and fried crisp and delicious.  Among the best fries I’ve ever had.

The spaghetti and meatballs were great.  Huge, well seasoned and tender meatballs.

Finally, I was disappointed last night when I wanted bread pudding for dessert, but didn’t order it because the place didn’t have coffee.  I got my bread pudding today!  Very good too.  No silly raisins in it and not overly sweet, with a delicious rum sauce.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

3636 Bienville St.,  New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-482-9120

Blaine 11-9-2019


8 thoughts on “Liuzza’s, New Orleans, LA Report #247

    1. It really is. Somewhere in there there was one of their menus on the wall from like the 1940’s or something. Things on it like 4 piece fried chicken dinner for .79 cents. I think I saw it across the room but the table under it was occupied. Didn’t want to go climb on someone’s table to get a picture of it.

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      1. I love those kind of places with history… compare them with a new fast food place… no comparison.

        No people might frown on you doing that lol.

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      1. You are lucky to have access to excellent seafood! I love seafood and can eat it everyday. We also have the freshest seafood in the Philippines, pretty much straight out of the water. San Francisco has a lot of seafood being City by the Bay but insanely expensive. I love the Bay Area but New Orleans is next on my list if I have to live somewhere else. (Seattle is up there as well.)

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