Todd’s Frozen Yogurt, Metairie, LA Report #251

Moved to a new location.  3544 W. Esplanade Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: (504) 222-2443

We had just finished dinner a few blocks away at Drago’s and decided to stop in here for dessert.  Cute little place with a lot more than frozen yogurt, as the pictures attest to.  ‘Tis the season, so I sampled the frozen eggnog yogurt.  I love eggnog so I thought it was delicious!  If you don’t like eggnog, you probably won’t!

I decided on a Banana Split, and my dining partner ordered a Hot Fudge Sundae.


The desserts are works of art!  Which I could care less about as long as they tasted good.  Which they did.  Definitely the fanciest banana split I’ve ever had.  I didn’t tell the young lady making it what I wanted at all.  I just let her do her thing.  If you like chocolate, the chocolate frozen yogurt was fantastic.  Good as the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had.      

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

3200 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-324-7822





If you want a sweet treat in Metairie, Todd’s is open!  9am-9pm every day.  Todd’s could care less about a pandemic!

Pictured is a large Wedding Cake yogurt with cashews and a regular chocolate sundae.  Delicious.

3200 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-324-7822

Blaine 4-26-2020



Besides food, I’m also into fitness.  My gym opened yesterday!  I was beyond happy to get back in there.  Just had two days of serious weight training.

Not long after dinner my wife decided she wanted Todd’s frozen yogurt.  We eat right  during the week, and it’s sweetened with stevia, so it’s a pretty healthy treat.  For dinner I had chicken curry with brown rice and broccoli salad, but felt I didn’t have quite enough protein, considering the weights I had been lifting.  I decided to get a protein shake.

I asked the lady behind the counter how many grams of protein their shakes had.  She said it’s an entire Lean Body meal replacement pack.  So 40 grams.  Pretty good!  I asked what flavors could I get , and she said any of the yogurt flavors.  I decided on Swiss Chocolate.

It’s a large shake!  As far as the taste?   Eh, it was ok.  Had kind of a chalky, powdery taste to it, so it’s not like it’s a yummy malt.  But I didn’t hate it.

So Todd’s is more than a place for delicious desserts.  If you hit the gym and want a complete post workout shake, you can always stop in here!

3200 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-324-7822

Blaine 6-18-2020


Tis the season! FINALLY decided to order that eggnog frozen yogurt. Fantastic! My dining partner had it with nutmeg sprinkled on top and cashews. I had it turned into a chocolate sundae. Highly recommended!

3200 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-324-7822



After being closed for a long time Todd’s has finally reopened at a new location! I had a hot fudge sundae. Delicious. Make a note of the new address below.

3544 W. Esplanade Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: (504) 222-2443

Blaine 9-3-2022


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