The Blind Tiger, Covington, LA Report #252

We made our annual trip to a Christmas tree farm in Covington, LA., to cut down our own Christmas tree.  As we always do, we stopped at The Chimes for lunch, and were told there was a 45-50 minute wait for a table!  Being impatient and hungry, we decided to go elsewhere.

Elsewhere presented itself as we were pulling out of the parking lot.   We saw a big sign next door reading, “TBT BEER.BURGERS.TACOS.SHRIMP”.  TBT stands for The Blind Tiger, but I couldn’t find that written anywhere on the building.  They opened in March of this year.

We stopped in, were seated, and weren’t given menus.  When we asked for them, our waiter pointed to these signs saying those were the menus.

Perfect!  Short and sweet but a nice variety.  We decided on the Nassau Dip, Shrimp Basket, Beefy Quesadilla, Cheddar Burger, Shrimp Poboy and Sweet Chili Shrimp Tacos.

And the food:

We were thinking about getting the Smoked Tuna Dip, but asked what “Nassau Dip” was.  Our waiter said it was blackened shrimp in melted cheese with roasted corn and poblano peppers.  That sounds outstandingly outstanding!  So we ordered it.  If his description was accurate, they forgot about the blackened and roasted part doing ours.  It was basically a plain shrimp and corn queso.  But good!  We enjoyed it.  The tortilla chips they served with it were nice and fresh.

No sense in really going into detail about every other dish.  We enjoyed everything!  The fried shrimp were nice and crisp and seasoned well.  The burger was good.  Only thing I would point out was the French bread used for the shrimp poboy wasn’t your normal, crusty bread you’d expect.  It was a softer bread, more like an untoasted Hoagie roll.

OH!  I almost forgot to mention.  We were going to order the BBQ Pork Nachos but a waitress came to our table and asked if it was our first time there.  We said it was, and she gave us an order of them!  She said they had prepared an order by mistake so she was nice enough to give them to us.  They were very good!


Nice place.  I recommend it!

19124 Rogers Ln., Covington, LA  70433  Ph: 985-900-2443

Blaine 12-1-2019




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