La Boca, New Orleans, LA Report #253

I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time.   It’s an Argentine Steakhouse that I’ve heard many good things about.  We were in the steak mood so we headed on over!

We decided on:

And the food:

First they brought us a nice little bread basket with some olive oil.  Square pieces of bread that may have been Focaccia, and slices of Baguette.  Pretty good, but not hot at all.  Little did I know the temperature of the bread was foreshadowing what the rest of the meal would be like.

They also brought the sauces out for the steak.  Our waitress described them as a traditional Chimichurri, a creole mustard and a red pepper sauce.  The mustard one ended up being my favorite.

My dining partner and I were splitting the Bife de Chorizo steak and the Noqui “La Boca”.  Our waitress brought the steak out then dished the Noqui out for us, splitting it between us.

On the menu the Noqui dish was described as potato dumplings with Pancetta, peas and cream.  I was very disappointed in this dish.  First, the Noqui were huge.  Gnocchi I’ve had before were always much smaller, which I prefer.  Being so big made them very “doughy”.  Also, the dish wasn’t hot at all.  Basically room temperature.  And finally, in my portion I only got two tiny squares of Pancetta.  My dining partner hardly got any either.

Next, the steak.  I had never had Wagyu beef before but I figured I’d splurge tonight and treat myself.  I know you have to let steaks rest for a while after you grill them.  Maybe they let this one rest too long because again, temperature was an issue.  It was quite cool.  And I’d always heard how tender Wagyu was.  This steak wasn’t tough by any means, but definitely not tender.  No different from any other NY Strip I’ve ever had in a restaurant, or cooked at home for that matter.

The best thing we had?  The fries!  They were excellent.  Very hot and nice and crisp.

Maybe we caught them on an off night, but I wasn’t very impressed with my meal.

870 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-525-8205

Blaine 12-6-2019

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