The Blue Crab, New Orleans, LA Report #257

I love dining in this area.  The restaurants around here are built up high on top of wooden pilings, so they have a nice view of Lake Pontchartrain.  This one is located right next to a big, beautiful, chain restaurant named Landry’s Seafood House.  Landry’s is closer to the lake with a better view, but if good food is what you’re after, in my opinion you’re better off coming here.

I decided on a cup of the Seafood Gumbo, the Crab Cake Sandwich and the Bananas Foster Bread Pudding for dessert.

And the food!





Like a lot of New Orleanians, I judge restaurants by their gumbo.  This was one of the best ones I’ve ever had in a restaurant.  Nice bit of shrimp and crab meat in it, perfect color and seasoned really well.  Delicious!

I originally came here because I was in the mood for an oyster poor boy, but since the place is called “The Blue Crab”, I changed my mind and went with a crab based entrée.  A crab cake sandwich.

When I ordered it the waitress asked me if I wanted it “dressed”.  “Dressed” normally means with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on it.  I said I did.  When the sandwich came I bit into it, and something was missing.   I realized it didn’t have mayo on it.  It was dressed with remoulade sauce, which I would have known if I had read the description on the menu!  I asked for some mayo, added it, and the sandwich was perfect!  Great crab cake with a lot of crab meat in it.

The bread pudding for dessert was awesome.  No stupid raisins in it, and served with a sliced, grilled banana.  They bring you a huge piece too.  When I looked at it I knew I’d be taking some home.  Shamefully, that didn’t happen.  I ate the whole thing.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

7900 Lakeshore Dr., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-284-2898

Blaine 12-27-2019

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