Little Chinatown, Kenner, LA Report #258

I belong to a food lovers group on social media, and whenever someone asks where they can get good Chinese food, this place is mentioned.  Multiple times.  I figured I’d come in and see what all the fuss was about.

Before coming in I checked out the menu online.  They have a lot of dishes you don’t see in regular Chinese restaurants.  I like that.  As soon as we walked in I saw the “Today’s Special” board.  So many things appealed to me!  I was torn between the Lobster with Ginger Scallions, Conch in Ginger Scallion, Lamb and Leek and Sliced Beef Tendon (which I LOVE in my Pho).  In the end I didn’t go with any of those dishes!

We decided to start with the Crab Rangoons and the Spicy Lamb Skewers off the Appetizers menu.  My dining partner ordered the General Tso Chicken from the Lunch Specials menu, and I got the Goat Stew Pot under a section of the menu listed “Clay Pot”.

The food:





The Crab Rangoon were good, but nothing special.  About the same as the ones you’d get anywhere else.

My dining partner doesn’t like lamb, so I figured I’d be taking a couple lamb skewers home.  No way I’d eat all four, right?  Well, I did.  Not sure if that’s an indication of how good they were or what a pig I am.  But they were delicious.  Not spicy at all in my opinion, but they had a flavor like maybe they had been sprinkled with some type of chili powder?  And then fried.  There was a light crust on them that I really liked.

My dining partner really enjoyed her General Tso Chicken.  I tasted a piece.  Nice orange, or citrus flavor to the dish.

My Goat Stew Pot came to the table in a little pot with a flame under it to keep it hot.  In fact, it was boiling through the whole meal!

When I was a kid and my mom made beef stew in brown gravy, she used bone in beef stew meat.  I didn’t know what boneless beef stew was until I moved out the house.  But I loved the bone in beef.  Each piece would have a little fat on it, which along with the bones, added so much more flavor when you sucked the meat off them.

This dish reminded me of that beef stew, with a Chinese flair, and of course goat instead of beef.  It was fantastic.  The gravy in the pot was perfect over the white rice.  Loved this dish.

Very good place.  I recommend it!

3800 Williams Blvd., Kenner, LA  70065  Ph: 504-305-0580

Blaine 12-28-2019



After I went here in December of last year I mentioned it to someone.  They told me I had to go back and try the Duck Noodle Soup.  Today, I did.  It was good!  Plenty of noodles that had a texture similar to ramen noodles, in a delicious broth.  And of course, duck meat!  If you’re in the soup mood I recommend it.

3800 Williams Blvd., Kenner, LA  70065  Ph: 504-305-0580

Blaine 7-19-2020

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