Dickey’s Barbeque Pit, Gretna, LA Report #259


Yes, I know this is a chain.  Yes, I know the food snobs will say I’m an idiot for eating at a chain.  And yes, I could care less.  If the food is good, I’m there!

I never tried this place before.  We were in the mood for BBQ.  I live on the Westbank of New Orleans, and to get to one of my favorite places, Central City BBQ, I would have had to fight rush hour traffic across the bridge over the Mississippi River. I wasn’t in the mood for that, so I figured I’d give this place a try.

The place looks small from the outside, but they have a nice sized dining room.  They have three heated vats of their original, spicy and sweet BBQ sauce, for you to help yourself.  I’ll get a little ahead of myself here and say they all were delicious.  And you can help yourself to a soft serve ice cream cone!  Only other place outside of buffets I’ve seen that is at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood, and I love it!   For some reason free things always seem to taste better!

My family wanted to eat at home so, they sent me out to pick the food up.  I pulled this place up online so we could see the menu.  On their website, they say their BBQ is, “Legit Texas Barbeque Pit-Smoked On-Site Daily”.  From these other things on their website it seems they take pride in their meats!

The menu:

For meats we decided on ribs, chicken and pulled pork.  For sides we got potato salad, BBQ beans, jalapeño beans, cabbage slaw and baked potato casserole, and pecan pie for dessert.

The food:

The ribs were excellent!  I believe their claim about being pit-smoked.  Very tender and delicious with a nice bark on them.

I always get dark meat chicken because white meat can be dry, but they only serve chicken breast.  It was pretty good.  Not extremely juicy but not dry.

Loved the pulled pork.  Very tender with a nice smoky flavor.

The only side I didn’t care for was the jalapeño beans.  They had a nice spice to them, but that was about it.  Pretty plain.

Finally the pecan pie was very good.

I like this place!  I’ll be back.

91 Westbank Expy Ste 114, Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-518-6822

Blaine 12-30-2019


In these pandemic times, while restaurants are only open for pickup and delivery, I think I should be reporting on the ease of ordering and pickup.  Dickey’s gets an A+ in that department.  The app is easy to use, and lets you specify the day and time you want your order to be ready.  I set my time at 2:00PM. got there at maybe 1:55PM, and they were still working on it.  You can walk into the store to pick it up.  It was ready promptly at 2:00PM.

Everything was great.  Again, their ribs are fantastic!  I highly recommend the place.

91 Westbank Expy Ste 114, Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-518-6822

Blaine 5-9-2020




I think this is a new menu item, or maybe I just noticed it.  Either way it sounded so good I had to get one.  Very good sandwich!  If you aren’t into spicy you might want to get the jalapeños on the side or tell them hold them, because this sandwich had plenty on it.

91 Westbank Expy Ste 114, Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-518-6822

Blaine 6-27-2020


Great news! Dickey’s is open for dine in! And as you can see by that pic of the dining room social distancing is not a problem. We called in an order for pickup not knowing the dining room was open. We decided to dine in when we discovered that.

I ordered the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Fritos Pie Stack. My dining partner had a rib plate. Turned out they were out of pulled pork, so I got chopped brisket on my sandwich.

Everything was great! The Fritos Pie was interesting. Fritos with BBQ beans (or Jalapeño beans), chopped brisket (or pulled pork), cheddar cheese and onions on top.

And since the dining room is now open the ice cream machine is on, so you can grab yourself a free cone! I think they stole that idea from New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood, but who cares?

91 Westbank Expy Ste 114, Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-518-6822

Blaine 9-9-2020


Not a great night for Dickey’s. They sent me that free sandwich coupon and I decided to take advantage of it. So I clicked on the link to put my order in online. I ordered the sandwiches, a half rack of ribs, plus potato salad, baked beans and jalapeño beans. The order total was a little over $30, which they require you to pay online. I did, and headed over to pick it up.

When I got there I was told the ONLY thing they had was ribs and French fries. Period. No other meats or sides at all.

Well, I had the obvious question. I already paid for a lot more. How do I get my money back? I was told they’d credit the money back to my card within three business days. All I can do is cross my fingers on that.

Since I was there I went ahead and got the ribs. The only sauce they had was the spicy. But as usual the ribs were very good.

So use caution when ordering online. Maybe call first to be sure they can actually fulfill the order.

91 Westbank Expy Ste 114, Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-518-6822



Tried the Metairie location tonight. The dining room is tiny compared to the one in Gretna, but unlike my last experience there, they had everything I ordered. Ribs, pulled pork, baked potato casserole and baked beans. And everything was good!

3020 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: (504) 518-5952

Blaine 7-31-2022


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