Antoine’s Famous Cakes & Pastries, Gretna, LA Report #261

I moved to the Westbank of New Orleans 22 years ago.  The Home Depot I frequent is right across the street from this bakery, and one of my favorite Mexican joints, La Fiesta, is on the same street a couple blocks away.  That being said, I’ve driven past this place a hundred times and somehow never noticed it!  Or paid any attention to it if I did.  Then a good friend told me about it.

It’s King Cake season in New Orleans.  My friend said this joint had good ones, so I decided to come grab one.

It was about 1:30 PM on a weekday when I walked in.  There wasn’t too much in the display cases.  Not sure what kind of pie that was pictured above, but it looked damn good!

There were numerous plain and stuffed King Cakes on a couple of racks.  When I was a kid there was no such thing as a “stuffed” King Cake.  Then some genius got the idea to put filling in them, like a cream or jelly donut.  Now they’re very popular.

I love the cream cheese stuffed ones, but there were none on the racks.  I asked if I could get one, they said give them 4 minutes,  then brought it out!  All they do is take a plain one and pipe some filling in it.  If you’re having trouble deciding between plain and filled, get the filled.  Not every inch of the cake will be filled, so you’ll have a lot of plain parts to try.

It was very good!  Nice and soft with a great cinnamon flavor.

Oh, finally, instead of King Cakes they call theirs a “Queen Cake”.  I asked why, and the lady waiting on me didn’t know.  I guess it’s just to be different.

Looking forward to trying some of their other goods.

1300 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-368-6222

Blaine 1-11-2020


It’s King Cake season, and today I got one of Antoine’s famous Queen Cakes for the weekend. They have a pick up window now with a cashier standing by, so you don’t even have to go inside. Just walk up, order pay, get your stuff and walk away. Also, I saw that sign about glazed beignets. You know I’ll be checking that out in the future.

I got a lemon filled. Delicious. Real strong cinnamon flavor. Kind of like a big, fresh cinnamon roll. If you don’t care for that much cinnamon and want a more traditional King Cake, try Hi-Do Bakery. You won’t be disappointed.

1300 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-368-6222

Blaine -22-2021


I FINALLY got the glazed beignets! They’re now available until 5:00PM. DELICIOUS!! A lot flakier than regular beignets. Almost liked deep fried chunks of puff pastry. I love them!

1300 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-368-6222

Blaine 4-24-2021


Back today for some more glazed beignets. They’re still awesome. But be advised, if you want some, you WILL wait for them! Waited about 20 minutes for these. But they’re so delicious they’re worth the wait.

1300 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-368-6222

Blaine 11-6-2021


My first Antoine’s Queen Cake of the Mardi Gras season. Already had a Hi-Do one. Delicious, as usual. BUT, I planned to wash it down with some glazed beignets. To my horror I learned they don’t make them on Sundays! I was sad.

1300 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-368-6222

Blaine 1-30-2022

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