Piece Of Meat, New Orleans, LA Report #265

Besides being a restaurant, this pace is a pretty fancy butcher shop.  If you ever wondered where you could find different cuts of Wagyu beef, duck confit, smoked pork chops and duck breast, Mortadella and numerous hard, dry sausages, this is the place for you!  In fact, while we were in there a lady behind the counter was sewing up what looked like a huge hog leg, which may have been deboned and stuffed (9th picture).

Maybe I’ll come back another day to take some meat home. Today we were here for lunch.  We decided on:

And the food!






First, we had the Boudin Stuffed Egg Rolls.  Fantastic!  Crispy egg rolls filled with a really meaty boudin and melted pepper jack cheese.  After tasting the boudin we did grab two links to take home.

The wedge salad was great.  Nice crisp, cold wedge of iceberg lettuce covered with a really chunky blue cheese dressing and all the fixin’s, including some fried onions, which was a nice touch!

We loved the Hot Pastrami Sandwich.  Toasty, buttery rye bread and hot tender Pastrami.

I saved the best for last.  The Smoked Tri Tip Steak sandwich was one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve ever had!  The Wagyu beef was unbelievably tender, the roll was crusty but nice and soft, and everything else about this sandwich was just awesome!  Even if I wasn’t hungry but happened to be back in that neighborhood, I’d probably stop in to eat another one!

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

3301 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-372-2289

Blaine 1-25-2020


There’s a famous poboy restaurant here in New Orleans called Parkway Bakery & Tavern. Every November they make a Thanksgiving poboy, which consist of white and dark meat turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing on French bread. It’s really good. You can click on their name above to see my report on the place.

The thing was if you went to Parkway for one you’d definitely have to wait in a long line. I mean LONG! Also, they only served them on Wednesdays. As popular as it was I often wondered why other restaurants didn’t make one to compete.

Well, last night I heard Piece of Meat was making a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. That was all I needed to hear. We were there for lunch today. Besides ordering that, we ordered the Smoked Brisket sandwich and the Boudin Eggrolls.


By the way, with this little pandemic going on they did away with the indoor seating. But there’s a good bit of outdoor seating and the weather has been beautiful lately.

The Boudin Eggrolls were again fantastic. It’d be a sin to come here and not get them. Unless you hate boudin, of course.

The turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich? Very good! The cranberry sauce had a distinct orange flavor to it. Like maybe they added orange juice or plenty of orange zest to it. BUT!! It didn’t have stuffing on it. So as far as a Thanksgiving sandwich, I’d have to give the edge to Parkway. Thinking about it though, I haven’t heard if Parkway is even doing it this year. If they weren’t closed now I’d call and ask.

The Smoked Brisket sandwich was OUTSTANDING! Tenderest brisket I have ever had. And coleslaw was the perfect side to go with it.

Great place. Next time you’re in a sandwich mood you need to get here!

3301 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-372-2289

Blaine 11-14-2020

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  1. T & B Food Store, 6213 Jefferson Hwy., serves a Dirty Turkey the day after Thanksgiving and it is awesome — turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing and gravy.

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