Blue Giant Chinese, New Orleans, LA Report #271

This place is right next door to Fat Boy Pantry, where I tried my first lobster po-boy!  And Surrey’s Café & Juice Bar, which I absolutely love, is in the next block.  I think I might have to buy a house around here!

Small, cozy little joint.  We decided on the Shrimp Wontons, the Dan Dan Noodles, the Spicy Stir Fried Eggplant and the only dessert on the menu, Coconut Ice Cream.

The food:






This is very important.  The food here is actually spicy!  Being born and raised in New Orleans I get tired of hearing the food somewhere is spicy, and to me it’s just well seasoned.  That is not the case here!

The service was great.  All of our food came out really fast.

First were the Shrimp Wontons, which came out on a plate that looked like an ashtray you’d see on someone’s coffee table back in the 60’s.  They were more like what my idea of dumplings are.  Four of them steamed and topped with some little crispy things.  Also, they were swimming in what I think was chili oil!  Whatever it was, it was spicy!  But delicious!

Next were the Dan Dan Noodles.  When we ordered these the waitress said this dish was VERY SPICY.  But she didn’t say anything about the wontons being spicy, so I was a little scared!  I was hoping I’d be able to eat it!

They had a decent spice to them but not overly spicy.  My dining partner happened to be a vegetarian, so we got them with mushrooms.  We tried to get them made with shrimp but they wouldn’t do that.  Our waitress said the chef said that wouldn’t fit the flavor profile of the dish.  Looks like he knew what he was talking about because it was fantastic.

My dining partner had the eggplant.  Also spicy, and good!

Now, spice seems to be a cumulative thing.  It kind of added up with one spicy dish after another.  We had no intention of trying the coconut ice cream but it seemed like a good idea to sooth our scorched palates.  Its a very chewy ice cream.  Full of shredded coconut meat.  They served it with a sprinkle of blue sugar.  Pretty yummy!

Finally, it looks like they make their own fortune cookies, with their little logo on the fortunes.  Some people just throw the cookie away after getting the fortune out.  I like the taste of fortune cookies so I always eat them.  This one didn’t taste any different from a regular fortune cookie.

Great place.  I will be back!

1300 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-582-9060

Blaine 2-16-2020


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