Akira Sushi & Hibachi, Metairie, LA Report #273

This little area of Metairie is called Fat City.  Pick a cuisine, and you can find a restaurant around here that offers it.  The ones I’ve been to around here are Drago’s, Los Jefes, Bravo, Pho Michael, PF Chang’s and Todd’s Frozen Yogurt.  That represents Creole/Seafood, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese and a place for dessert.  It was time to give Japanese a try.

I’m not going to lie.  I’m a pig.  I love to eat!  And when I heard this place did a good job with all you can eat sushi, I drove past all my favorite sushi joints to come here!

Nice looking place with several hibachi tables.  They were all vacant when I arrived but two were going when I left.  Looked like an entertaining show.

I wasn’t sure how the all you can eat thing worked, but as soon as I sat down the waitress handed me the first menu you see in the pictures and a pen.  The next picture is the back side of it.  It explains everything.  $21.95 for an adult.  It’s a paper menu.   You just check off everything you want and they start brining you the food!  The next two menus you see are plastic menus that describes their rolls.

I was starving so I checked off a bunch of things.  I was thinking after eating more food than a normal person eats in an entire meal, I’d feel a little self conscious about asking for another check off menu.  But before I was even close to finish, a smiling waitress walked up with a new menu and said, “This is for round two”!  Was she being nice?  Or was she saying, “I can see what a fat bastard you are, so I know you’ll be ordering more”!  Either way, I was happy.

A few of the more notable things I ordered:





And the food!




I started off with some good old fried seafood.  Shrimp tempura and soft shelled crabs.  I could order some fried rice and just these two things (over and over again), and make a meal of it!

Both were fried to order.  Nice and hot.  The shrimp were a nice size and delicious!

When she put the crabs on the table they looked terrible!  Like they had been driving down I-10, got in a terrible crash where they flipped the car several times, then the car caught on fire and incinerated them!  But they were delicious!

Everything else was very good.  I liked the Happy Roll.  And of course when I saw the Lobster Roll was on the all you can eat menu I had to order it. Naturally it had a lot more snow crab salad in it than fried lobster, but it was still pretty tasty.  And huge!  I was done after that.

Except, for a scoop of red bean ice cream.  It was very good because it tasted nothing like red beans!  I’m not sure exactly what I could say it tasted like.

Nice place!  I recommend it.

3226 N. Arnoult Rd., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-304-8820

Blaine 2-21-2020




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