Margaritas Mexican Cuisine, Gretna, LA Report #275

*************** PERMANENTLY CLOSED ***************

For some time now I’ve said El Paso was my favorite Mexican restaurant.  Well, after an excellent meal here tonight, El Paso has a challenger!

You can drive by this place several times, like I did, and not notice it.  It’s hidden in a strip mall behind the Beef Connection Steakhouse, and across the street from a now defunct Mexican restaurant, El Mesquite Grill.  In fact, I had heard that El Mesquite had closed and moved here.  That’s not the case.  This is an entirely different restaurant.

Small place with a small bar, but pretty extensive menu.  We decided on:





And the food!







The chips they brought out were hot and very crisp.  The salsa was nice and chunky and very fresh tasting.

My dining partner is on a healthy diet, so instead of the rice and refried beans she had an order of the sautéed veggies with her chicken, steak and shrimp fajitas.  The fajitas  came out sizzling on a very hot plate.  If you look close at the picture you can probably see the smoke!  And the veggie side was very impressive!  Carrots, yellow squash, zucchini and broccoli.  Normally a side of vegetables is an afterthought with restaurants.  Here it looks like they took some pride in it!  She enjoyed everything.

My enchilada plate was delicious.  They don’t skimp with the meat.  The chicken and steak enchiladas were full of meat.

I love chili rellenos.  I’ve had them stuffed with meat before, but I’ve never seen one stuffed with shrimp!  I had to get one so I ordered one a la carte.  It was huge!  Not sure where they get such big Poblano peppers.  And it was packed with shrimp.  So many I lost count.  One change I’d make next time I order one is get it with cheese sauce on top.  The tomato sauce was good, but the cheese sauce they put on my cheese enchilada was really yummy.  I think I’d prefer that on top.

Great food.  I will be back!

505 Gretna Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-533-9877

Blaine 2-29-2020


     Been awhile since I had Mexican food, so we decided to hit this place today.  Last time it was during Lent and my dining partner was eating healthy.  Today, she was ready to fully pig out!  We had:


The first picture is the small Supreme Nachos with ground beef. These were the most unique nachos I’ve ever had. First off, the chips were very light and flaky. You had to eat them with a fork because if you tried to scoop up anything with them they’d just crumble. Ever had the Taco Salad or Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell? You know the light texture of that shell? That’s how these chips were. They must make them in-house because I’ve never found chips like this in stores.

And it was more like a taco salad than nachos. There was a good bit of shredded lettuce mixed in. That’s sour cream piped onto the top. My overall impression? FANTASTIC! So much lighter than traditional nachos and all the flavors were great. Loved these.

I had the #43, with the tamale, taquito and chili relleno. Very good! The tamale had a lot of shredded pork in it and the masa was great. The chili relleno was delicious, but if I knew they were going to put that enchilada sauce on it I would have told them not to. The menu only said topped with cheese dip. Not that the enchilada sauce is bad, but the heavy, tomato taste of it kind of overpowers the flavor of the cheese stuffed pepper.

My dining partner had the chimichanga and said it was the best one she ever had. Nothing more to say about that.

Love this place. Great food!

505 Gretna Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-533-9877

Blaine 10-31-2020


This place is no more. A Honduran restaurant called El Toque Catracho is now in it’s place.

505 Gretna Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-533-9877

Blaine 2-19-2022

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