Shake Shack, Metairie, LA Report #276


If there’s any other street in the New Orleans Metro area with more burger joints than Veterans Memorial Blvd. in Metairie, I can’t think of it.  You’ll also find Atomic Burger, Lee’s Hamburgers, Mooyah and New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood on this strip, and that’s just the ones I’ve tried!

The place was pretty busy but they make ordering really easy.  When you walk in you’ll see all these menu boards.  You can order at the counter, or do it on a computer, like we did.  There were a bunch of them available.  Once you order and pay with a credit card they send you a text letting you know they received your order. They then send you a text when your food is ready.

And the food!




I had the Shackburger, which was a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and “ShackSauce”.  My dining partner forgot what her burger was called.  There was just a picture of it in there, and it wasn’t on the regular menu I took pictures of.   But it was just a cheeseburger with fried onion strings on it.

Both burgers were delicious!  Nice and juicy with a crusty sear on the patties.  The buns were very fresh.  Like they bake them right there.  They might as far as I know.

Until I was in my 30’s I only had hot dogs with chili and mustard on them.  That’s just the way we do it down here.  Then I took a trip to Chicago, and had a Chicago style hot dog.  I was amazed!  The idea of putting everything under the sun on a hot dog, EXCEPT chili and mustard, was totally foreign to me!  But I loved it!

They have a hot dog like that here called the “Shack-cago Dog”.  We got one.  A lady working there, I assumed she was the manager, came by and asked how everything was.  I had to ask here what kind of hot dogs they used.  She said they were 100% all beef hotdogs from Niman Ranch.  I knew this hot dog was special.  It was fantastic.

And the fries are fantastic too.  I hate fries that aren’t fried nice and crisp.  These were.

Love this place.  I highly recommend it!

3501 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-380-0279

Blaine 3-8-2020

14 thoughts on “Shake Shack, Metairie, LA Report #276

  1. I also loved Chicago Hot Dog. I got mine from Portillo’s when I was in Chicago. It was amazing! We only have 4 Shake Shack locations in the Bay Area so far, I think. I will wait until one that’s closer opens up. I am eyeing the frozen custard.

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      1. Chicago-style hot dogs are totally different from regular hot dogs. Next time I am in Chicago, I will eat more than one! I was first introduced to sushi by my foodie dad when I was only 7 years old. I do not even think that kids that young should be eating raw fish! LOL! I love sashimi and sushi, though, but only the raw kind. 🙂

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      2. My dad was born in 1926 to a sharecropping family in rural Louisiana, so the most exotic thing he’s ever eaten was a pork chop! So I wasn’t that lucky. Had to discover it in my own. But thanks to me my kids were lucky. They have a foodie dad!

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      3. They are lucky, indeed! I consider myself very lucky that my parents introduced and encouraged me to try different food and cultures. I will try anything at least once — well, almost anything! Ha! Ha!

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