Red’s Chinese, New Orleans, LA Report #278

I heard this place had great food.  I used to work in this neighborhood, but haven’t been down this way in some time.  I couldn’t remember seeing a Chinese restaurant in this area, so I got the address.  3048 St. Claude.  I’m driving down St. Claude, in the direction that the address numbers are increasing.  I’m looking, and not seeing a Chinese restaurant.  Then suddenly I see 3050 something.  Somehow I passed it!  So we park and start walking back down the street.

Then, at 3048, we see the building pictured above.  The only signs on it says, “GROCERIES, ICE, TAQUERIA and MEATS”.  Nothing at all identifying it as a Chinese restaurant, or any restaurant for that matter!  There was an open door downstairs so we walked in, and lo and behold, a restaurant!

And I tell you what.  I hope they never get a sign.  Everything was so good I want this place to be my little secret!  It’s not like anyone reads these blogs anyway.

This isn’t your typical Chinese food.  They describe it as “creative Chinese fare made with a Southern twist”.

We decided on a large Craw Rangoon, small order of the Pork Belly Buns, General’s Chicken, Eggplant, Cajun Fried Rice and the Chinese Donuts for dessert.


And the food!








I love when I can make the blanket statement EVERYTHING was delicious!

The Craw Rangoon were fried really crispy, full of cream cheese and crawfish tails and served on a sweet and sour style sauce.

The Pork Belly Buns were served on a very soft hot bun with a thick slab of pork belly.  The Kimchi mayo was fantastic.

The large order of General’s Chicken isn’t chopped up chicken meat, but four whole pieces of chicken.  A leg, thigh, breast and wing.  You like chicken?  Just get it.  Nothing else to say.

My vegetarian dining partner loved the eggplant dish.  I tried it, and even though I’m a meat eater, I loved it too!

The Cajun Fried rice was covered with bonito flakes.  It had a nice smoky flavor, probably from the big pieces of andouille sausage in it.

And finally, the Chinese Donuts, which I couldn’t try because I gave up sweets for Lent!  They’re fried pieces of biscuit dough, drizzled with condensed milk and sprinkled with matcha sugar.  What could NOT be good about that? My dining partners enjoyed them.

Fantastic place.  I highly recommend it!

3048 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA  70117  Ph: 504-304-6030

Blaine 3-15-2020

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