Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, New Orleans, LA Report #279

The Coronavirus is here.  It’s the apocalypse.  People are being told to stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out.  In fact, the mayor of New Orleans has mandated that!  The third picture above is a picture of Poydras St., in the heart of the Central Business District of New Orleans.  Taking that picture I’m facing the Mississippi River, Harrah’s Casino and the Riverwalk.  The Superdome is five blocks behind me.  Normally I’d be getting hit by a car before I could hit the button on my phone to take this pic.  And on a beautiful day like today people would be all over the place.  But as you can see it’s a ghost town.

There are a few exceptions to the stay at home mandate.  One is going out to pick up to-go orders from restaurants.  Restaurants are only allowed to open for pick up or delivery orders.

Walk-On’s was founded by a couple LSU students and the original location was near Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.  Most people think of it as just a sports bar, but their website touts “mouthwatering Louisiana cuisine prepared fresh in a from-scratch kitchen”.  I like mouthwatering Louisiana cuisine, so it was time to brave the virus and head out!

When you get here you aren’t allowed to go in the restaurant and sit down.  You’ll see that little counter set up pictured above, with all the drinks on it.  They’ll bring your order to you there.

They advertised this menu on Facebook:


We currently have 4 people in our household, but there’s one problem.  We’re pigs.  We figured one family of four meal wouldn’t be enough, so we ordered two! One order was the Crawfish Etouffe, Bayou Pasta and Corn Grits.  The other, we got Shrimp N Corn Soup, the Build your own Burger, and Waffle Fries.   Oh, and I got a cup of the Duck and Andouille Gumbo because I’m the only duck lover in the family.

And the food!




I tell you what.  I wasn’t expecting a great meal.  I didn’t think grabbing something to go was the best way to enjoy the best that a restaurant has to offer.  But I was wrong.  Everything was very good!  And the portions were VERY generous!  Even hungry people like my family would have had plenty enough food if we had just ordered one family of four meal!

The Bayou Pasta deserves special mention.  You can see it pictured at the top left of the group picture above.  Linguine with plenty of crawfish tails in a delicious cream sauce, covered in fried shrimp!  Fantastic.

I had to include a closeup of my cup of gumbo.  Loaded with duck and andouille sausage.  Seasoned very well with a great flavor.

If they do this good with to go orders in our current apocalyptical times, I’m sure they do even better when things are normal!  I will be back!

1009 Poydras St., New Orleans, LA  70112  Ph: 504-309-6530

Blaine 3-22-2020


I’ve never submitted additional information this quick, but I had to!  I didn’t try that shrimp and corn soup at lunch because besides having too much food, I’ve never been a big fan of it.  Just tried it for dinner.  It was also delicious!  Really good shrimp flavor like maybe they made it with a shrimp broth.  Seriously yummy!

1009 Poydras St., New Orleans, LA 70112 Ph: 504-309-6530

Blaine 3-22-2020

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