Casa Garcia, Metairie, LA Report #280






We’re still navigating our way through the Coronavirus apocalypse, so every restaurant that is open only has pick up and delivery.  I’ve heard great things about this place for some time now.  I hate going to a new place and judging them based on take out food.  It seems to me a restaurant can’t show you the best they have to offer that way.  Well, if this wasn’t the best they have to offer, their REAL best has to be out of this world!

We actually tried to pick up from a place called Mais Arepas first, but had no luck there.  So we called Casa Garcia, placed our order, and headed out there to pick it up.  This is what we had, and the food is pictured in this order:

Chips, salsa and bean dip (complimentary)                                                                                      Seafood Quesadilla                                                                                                                                 A Cheese and a Beef Enchilada with a Beef Taco                                                                             Seafood Enchilada                                                                                                                                Shredded Pork Tamales

And the food!

  There’s no way you’re going to make food look appealing in to go boxes, so forget about how it looks.  Everything was delicious!

I’ve gotta give the Seafood Enchilladas special praise.  Loaded with shrimp and crabmeat (as was the Seafood Quesadilla), and covered with a delicious cheese sauce.  I’ll definitely have these every time I come back here.  And when everything’s back to normal, I will come back!

For  a long time now I’ve said El Paso was one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.  I still like them, but I have a new favorite now.  I highly recommend this place!

8814 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70003  Ph: 504-464-0354

Blaine 3-29-2020


     I reported on this place when we were at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, so I had to report on takeout food, which was fantastic!  Now that the pandemic appears to be winding down, I was excited about dining in.

     I ordered:

And the food!

They start you out with chips, salsa and beans. The chips were very fresh. And the beans are great! Creamy as if they have some animal fat in them. They remind me of the ones at another Mexican place I love, El Paso.

The Iguana, which is a spinach and artichoke queso, was also very good. It’s served with warm, flour tortillas. I took one and put some queso in it along with some of the beans. Do that! It was yummy.

The duck carnitas were fantastic! Some pieces were kind of crisp, and they all were nice and tender. They’re also served with warm tortillas. I wrapped some of the duck meat in one, with some green tomatillo sauce, guac, and pico de gallo. Utterly delicious!

Love this place. Now that they’re open for dine in, come on in and enjoy!

8814 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70003  Ph: 504-464-0354

Blaine 10-4-2020

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  1. Here in NZ no restaurant is open only essentials like groceries and fuel stations, pharmacies or clinics and of course hospitals. Yes, I do miss eating restaurant foods even the junk fastfood haha!

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