Mais Arepas, New Orleans, LA Info Report

My daughter told me she had the Arepas here before and they were good, and she wanted me to try them.  We’re still going through the Coronavirus apocalypse, so every restaurant that is open only has pickup or delivery.

That being said, we left my house, which is quite a ways off.  Across the Mississippi River in fact, on the Westbank of New Orleans.  BEFORE we left, my daughter started calling to place our order.  No answer.  She called continuously on the ride there never getting an answer.  She asked what we should do?  I said let’s pass by and see if they are indeed open.  She knew they were because they posted their menu for the day and phone number on Instagram earlier.

We stop by and they are indeed open.  A guy comes to the door to give a couple waiting their order.  He asked us for our name for our order.  I told him we had been trying to call for 20 minutes and not getting an answer.  He explained the phones were busy.  We understood that, so we asked him if we could just tell him what we wanted.

Now picture this.  While this conversation is going on he’s standing in the doorway, and we’re standing about 10 feet away from him, and he’s having no problem at all holding a leisurely conversation with us.

He advises us he can’t take our order in person.  Only over the phone, and asked if we want to see a menu.  We told him no, again, we’ve been trying to order for over 20 minutes.  We only want THREE THINGS, and we know what they are.  May we please tell you?  He says sorry.  No can do.

We say sorry too.  We won’t be back.

Blaine 3-29-2020

12 thoughts on “Mais Arepas, New Orleans, LA Info Report

  1. I get trying to be careful but if it is ten feet away and he is talking already…what is the problem? Grocery stores you are right on them.

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  2. That was ridiculous! He could have allowed you to yell your order from 10 even 20 feel away! When I was in Colombia, I was drooling over the arepas which were sold as street food. I had to really restrain myself because I was afraid to get sick. Then I have a coworker who makes us arepas as a treat once in a while. She would set up a cooking station in our staff room and made fresh arepas. So easy to make but it’s the corn meal that is difficult to find. She brings hers straight from Colombia.

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    1. Yeah, my daughter said they’re great. I couldn’t believe this, though. You can hold a leisurely conversation with me. Even offer to HAND me a menu. But you’re going to basically tell me I have to stand on the sidewalk and keep trying to get my order in over the phone? And if I’m lucky I might get through before they close? I won’t be going back.

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  3. I haven’t been there during pandemic times, but I’ve had similar experiences with busy phone lines with other restaurants where I tried to get takeout. These restaurants are slammed right now and still adjusting to a new work mode. My best guess is that places like Mais Arepas have a system that they have to stick to in order to get orders out efficiently (i.e. one person on the phone writing the orders, one person taking them out to people). While I absolutely hear your frustration and understand the negative experience (agreed that he probably could have easily taken your order), I’d also recommend not shutting them out completely. Seems pretty brash, but then again, I’m someone who’s willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt and continue to support them through the struggles, especially during the times we’re living in now. I hope you’ll reconsider because your daughter was right about their food being delicious.

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    1. Oh yeah, I fully believe in supporting our restaurants in this time of struggle. And with this place, we tried. But to basically tell me and my daughter to stand out on the sidewalk and keep trying to call our order in, and hopefully we’d get through before they close, was completely unacceptable. No matter what system they have in place, that showed not one ounce of common sense. In the restaurant industry you have to be able to adapt and change the rules on the fly. A pandemic is definitely a good reason to bend any rule slightly. And again, the guy showed no indication he was busy at all, or in a hurry to get back to work! And you refuse to let me tell you the THREE items we want to order? That’s taking poor service to a totally new level. No better way of saying, “We really don’t need your business”. And in a city like New Orleans, with so many good restaurants that’ll really need our business soon, I’m not wasting a visit or my money on this place.


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