G’s Pizza, New Orleans, LA Report #282

Here’s another option open for pickup and delivery during these trying pandemic times.  A friend told me the Cajun Shrimp Pizza was to die for, and that was good enough for me!  I called in my order and headed on over.

Pretty small place with inside and outside dining, that is, during normal times.  Looks like they’re big on wine.  You can’t help but notice it the way it’s prominently displayed.

The menu is pretty extensive.  You can find it here: http://order.gspizzas.com/zgrid/proc/site/sitep.jsp  It’s broken up into several categories.  Appetizers, Pastas, Salads, Gourmet Pizzas, Vegan Menu, Burgers & Wraps, Sweet, Beverages and Extra Options, as you can see in the second to last picture above.  The last picture let me know I didn’t have to ask if their salad dressing were made inhouse.

We ordered:



And the food!






The fried Brussels sprouts were disappointing.  They were basically raw.  Maybe quickly flash fried at best to put a little char on the outer leaves.  The bottled Caesar dressing didn’t really help.

The Lasagna Rolls were pretty good.  In the picture they’re all to one side of the pan because the bag fell off my back seat on the way home.  Should’ve seat belted them in.  Didn’t hurt the flavor, though.  I’d order these again.

I failed to mention this is the Mid-City location.  They also have a location in the CBD.  I bring that up now because my dining partner, who is a hamburger connoisseur and had the burger, wasn’t impressed with it.  He said he had the same burger at the CBD location and it was much better.  The fries weren’t crisp at all.

The Gyro Pizza was ok.  Could have used more meat on it.

And finally, the thing I came here for.  The Cajun Shrimp pizza.  Only 11 shrimp on an entire medium pizza.  There should have been a lot more than that.  And I’m a garlic lover, but not a raw garlic lover.  The whole toes of garlic weren’t roasted enough.  Some were still pretty crunchy.    The shrimp had a great flavor.  I would have loved this pizza if there had been more shrimp and the garlic was roasted.

If you decide to give this place a try, I hope you have better luck than I did!

4840 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA  70119   Ph: 504-483-6464

Blaine 4-18-2020

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