Saffron NOLA, New Orleans, LA Report #283

Wondering where to dine tonight during this Coronavirus take out only era, we decided on Indian food.  One thing to consider is ease of ordering.  I’ve had bad experiences trying to get through on the phone.  This place makes it very easy!

First, go to their web site:  Then click on “Online Ordering” along the top, and this form will pop up:


Very handy.  You have their curbside pickup menu and an easy form to fill out.  Fill it out, designate your desired pick up time, and they will call you to take your credit card payment.  They do add a 15% gratuity to your check.  Then they’ll bring your food out to you once you arrive.

We ordered the Curried Seafood Gumbo, Gobi, Saag Paneer, Goat Masala, Regular and Truffle Naan, and Gulab Jamun for dessert.

And the food!







Not sure where the “curried” part comes in the Curried Seafood Gumbo.  It tasted like a regular seafood gumbo.  And a pretty good one!  With shrimp and crab claws.  We definitely could have used more rice to go in it.  They gave us a condiment container of it.

My dining partner, who happens to be a vegetarian, ordered the Gobi and Saag Paneer.  Gobi is a cauliflower and potato dish, and Saag Paneer is a spinach and cheese dish.  She said the Gobi was just “Ok”, and thought the Saag Paneer was delicious but definitely needed more cheese.

The Goat Masala was very good.  Nice and tender with a great flavor.  But the side dishes left me kind of puzzled.  One was peas and carrots, which may have well been out of a can, and the other looked and tasted like Picco de gallo.  Maybe they both have some fancy Indian name I don’t know about, but they seemed out of place in an Indian restaurant.

With an order of Naan you get one piece.  Pictured is the Truffle Naan.  We enjoyed that one much more than the regular one.

They describe the Gulab Juman as, “Indian donuts, saffron and cardamom”.  Pretty yummy!  They come swimming in a light, honey tasting syrup.  I also had these at Turmeric.  I guess they’re a standard Indian dessert.  I’m a fan!

Pretty good food.  And again, ordering and pick up is a breeze.

4128 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70115  Ph: 504-323-2626

Blaine 4-24-2020




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