Huey P’s Pizzeria & Daiquiris, Gretna, LA Report #284

This place is located in the Historic District of Gretna with a bunch of other restaurants, including Rivershack and Gretna Depot.  Besides food, if you want to get liquored up they also have a nice selection of Daquiris!

Were still dealing with the Coronavirus shutdowns, so you have to take your order to go.  The online ordering system this place has is really good.

You just go through the menu, click on what you want, click “Add to Cart”, then hit “Checkout”!  You put your credit card info in and pay, so when you get there you can just grab and go.  We ordered:


And the food!



Unfortunately, the best thing about this dining experience was the ease in ordering. When I was online I specified a pick up time of 6:05 PM.  It was about 5:20 PM, I don’t live too far away, and that was the nearest pick up time they allowed.  However, by the time I finished navigating the menu and ordering, it told me that time was no longer available. I had to go with 6:10 PM.  That was at about 5:25PM.

I figured I’d get there a little early in case the food was ready early.  I didn’t want it getting cold.  I got there at about 6:00 PM and my food was ready.  It only took me about 10 minutes to get home, but everything was already nice and cold.  That being said, if you decide to order from here, head straight over.  It doesn’t seem like they prepare the food to be hot at your specified pick up time.

First, the spinach dip.  The cheese on top was a cool, solid mass.  I don’t think it had been hot for some time.  And by that I mean maybe a half hour or more.  I had to stir it so you could see the spinach underneath.  It was ok at best.

“Ok at best” also describes the pizzas.

I’m at a lost for words about why I didn’t like the Muffaletta.  The bread had a weird texture and the olive salad wasn’t quite right.  If you want a good Muffaletta, go to Di Martino’s.  

Lastly was the BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy.  BBQ shrimp is normally made by baking peel on shrimp in the oven with plenty of butter and herbs.  This tasted like they did that, then dredged the bottom of the pan to get all the used herbs out, slathered the herb paste on the bread, then put the peeled shrimp on top.  The last picture above is what it looked like.  Like a shrimp and grass clippings sandwich.  The herb flavor and salt was overpowering.  Terrible.  If you want to try a good BBQ shrimp poboy, go to either Liuzza’s by the Track or New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood.  

I may come back here one day.  For a daquiri!

139 Huey P. Long Ave., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-366-1818

Blaine 5-1-2020



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      1. 11 May some controls will be loosened for those « green departments » we’re currently orange. I will at least be able to go out for a ride which will be fantastic. But no restaurants before June at earliest.

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