Chap’s Chicken, Metairie, LA Report #285

Chap’s is located in a very short strip mall on the side of a convenience store.  In fact, you can say it’s part of the store.  You can walk from the store into the restaurant, and vice versa.  That comes in handy if you want to grab a beer or an ICEE to go with your meal!

After one of my favorite chicken joints, Gus’s, closed during this Coronavirus mess (It’s back open now), I saw a sign for this place.  I didn’t know they existed since they’re located in a kind of secluded New Orleans neighborhood.  We decided to give them a try for dinner tonight.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown you still aren’t allowed to eat in restaurants, so we called in our order to go.  We decided on an 8 piece box of fried chicken, a fried shrimp and catfish plate, a large order of red beans, and a small jambalaya, mac n cheese, French fries and cole slaw.

And the food!





Gus’s originated in Tennessee and does a spicy, wet battered fried chicken, which is delicious.  This is more of the traditional fried chicken that me, and all other New Orleanians, are used to.  And it was excellent!  Fried to order, so give them 20 minutes to get it ready for you.  The 8 piece box is actually a whole chicken, so you get two wings, breast, legs and thighs.  We prefer all dark meat, so we asked for legs and thighs.  Very crispy, seasoned well, juicy and nice and tender.  The fried catfish and shrimp were also really good.

As far as the sides, their motto says it all.  “We are not fast food, we are a good meal”.  The red beans tasted like home made.  I really liked the cole slaw, and the jambalaya was acceptable as a side dish.  If you did a fried chicken dinner at home, you’d be happy with this food as an outcome.  We enjoyed everything.

I’m looking forward to going back and sitting inside to eat after this lockdown is over with.  Great food and friendly people.  I recommend the place!

206 W. Harrison Ave. C, New Orleans, LA  70124   Ph: 504-371-5546

Blaine 5-2-2020


Bad news! If you walk up to Chap’s front door in New Orleans, that’s what you’ll see. The signs gone, because they moved! Bad news for Lakeview residents, that is. Good news for Metairie residents. Here’s their new address:

3343 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA 70001 Ph: 504-304-8438

Blaine 11-15-2020


Finally made it to the new Metairie location. I see why they moved. Instead of occupying a small space attached to a convenience store, they’ve got a full sized restaurant now. And everything is still delicious. Big pieces of crisp chicken fried to order, and our sides today were red beans and rice, jambalaya and French fries. All great. Love this place!

3343 Metairie Rd., Suite 1&2, Metairie, LA 70001 Ph: 504-304-8438

Blaine 6-5-2021


I knew the fried chicken here was great but had never tried their poboys. I can now speak, at least for the roast beef poboy. Very good! Tender roast beef, nice fresh French bread, and PLENTY of gravy. I had to get some extra napkins!

3343 Metairie Rd., Suite 1&2, Metairie, LA 70001 Ph: 504-304-8438

Blaine 8-14-2021

15 thoughts on “Chap’s Chicken, Metairie, LA Report #285

    1. Oh yeah, you gotta try Gus’s. I have a file where I keep restaurants all over the country and world I want to try. I’ll pull it up when I travel to see if there’s a restaurant on my list where I’m going. I had Gus’s on my list in Memphis, but then they opened this location in New Orleans. It’s the only one in the state of a Louisiana. They now have 29 locations in 13 states. Hopefully there’s one near you!

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      1. I will get the locator out and look…it looks great and I love spicy chicken…

        I’ve probably asked you before…not about chicken but about a restaurant. When you said you had them listed I thought of it…
        Have you ever tried Angelo’s in Panama City? Dude if you like steak which I know you do…try the place.
        Why I thought of that one…I don’t know.

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      2. My anniversary is at the end of this month and we planned to take a trip, but had no idea where. Just ran it by my wife and she was good with it. I happened to look at the reviews on TripAdvisor. Check them out. The ones from the end of 2019.

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      3. One person said if you grew up there, it was always the place to go! There’s always gonna be some idiot that’ll bitch, no matter how good the place is. But it seems like a lot of people agree it went down.

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  1. A massive improvement on the previous take-out. Everything looked pretty good in your photos though the restaurant looks fairly unprepossessing, proving you can’t choose a book by its cover.

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