Albasha Greek & Lebanese Café, Metairie, LA Report #286

I FINALLY GOT TO SIT DOWN AND EAT INSIDE A RESTAURANT!  First time since Red’s Chinese back on March 15th, thanks to this damn COVID-19 pandemic!  I am a happy person.

Cases of the Coronavirus have decreased enough in the state of Louisiana that the Governor allowed restaurants to open for indoor seating, with a few stipulations, beginning today.  There are 64 Parishes (Counties) in the state of Louisiana, and 63 of them took the Governor up on it.  I live in New Orleans, which encompasses Orleans Parish, and for some reason our mayor decided she’d let places open tomorrow.  Guess the data showed that we needed to wait 24 extra hours.  Yeah, whatever.  I got paid today, I was hungry, so I was all to happy to head one Parish to the west and spend my money there!

My favorite place for Lebanese cuisine  by far  is Lebanon’s Café.  A good friend and fellow foodie recommended this place to me.  It’s located in a strip mall across the street from the iconic Metairie restaurant, The Peppermill.  It’s also right down the street from Todd’s Frozen Yogurt which is a fantastic dessert place.

If you’re a little nervous about going out, this would have been a great night for you to dine here.  The whole time we were there, maybe 4 people came in to grab a to go order.  Then about 5 minutes before we left, a couple came in and sat at a table probably 20 feet away from us.  Other than that we had the entire dining room to ourselves.  Not sure if that’s normal or if business will pick up soon.

We decided on the Spinach Pies for an appetizer, an order of French fries (don’t ask me why), a Gyro Plate and the Lamb Shank Plate.

And the FOOD!







The spinach pies were delicious, and they sure didn’t skimp on the Tzatziki sauce, which was great!

The fries were battered fries.  I prefer my fries just plain, with a little salt and black pepper.  BUT, they were hot a very crispy.  If you like battered fries you’ll love these.

The hummus and salad were very good.

My dining partner really enjoyed her Gyro Plate.

And then there was my lamb shank dish.  The lamb was fork tender, juicy and very flavorful.  There was some kind of light gravy or jus over the rice which was perfect, and the pine nuts were a very nice addition.  Excellent dish.

Great food and very friendly people.  I recommend the place!

3501 Severn Ave. #1, Metairie, LA  70002   Ph: 504-304-8441

Blaine 5-15-2020


     During this Lenten season I’ve pledged to eat right every day of the week, except Sunday.  Tomorrow I go crazy for 24 hours.  So tonight I was in Metairie seeking a healthy meal.  Figured I could get it here.  Haven’t been here since that first glorious meal after the two month restaurant shutdown because of the pandemic.  

     They opened up a new dining room since that last time I was in.  Looks nice!

Looking over the menu the combo chicken shawarma and gyro salad looked like a pretty healthy option. I asked the waitress what kind of dressing came with it. She said it was just a garlic and olive oil dressing. I asked if that was all that was in it, and she said, “Yes”. So I went with it.

$$$$$ MY SALAD $$$$$

I’m not a salad eater. In fact, I’m quite carnivorous. So this salad looked perfect for me. So much meat I could hardly see any lettuce! The dressing that was supposed to be just garlic and oil was creamy looking, like a ranch dressing. But according to my waitress, it was healthy so I happily ate it. She’s never lied to me before!

The salad was delicious. The chicken was grilled nicely and very juicy. A little bowl of Tzatziki sauce, which I love, also came with it.

Very good, and as far as I’m concerned, HEALTHY dinner! And to continue with the healthiness we stopped at Todd’s right down the street for a cup of stevia sweetened frozen yogurt. Eating right can be delicious!

3501 Severn Ave. #1, Metairie, LA  70002   Ph: 504-304-8441

Blaine 3-13-2021

9 thoughts on “Albasha Greek & Lebanese Café, Metairie, LA Report #286

  1. Looked good! I love Lebanese food. Some drive-thrus and takeaways have reopened this week in France but we’re still waiting to see when restaurants proper will reopen.

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  2. That must have been so hard for you with restaurants closed for so long! They must have been thrilled to reopen — I love Lebanese food and am still trying to figure out how they make hummus so damn good.

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