Slim Goodies Diner, New Orleans, LA Report #288

Thanks to the Coronavirus this is my first time dining INSIDE of a New Orleans restaurant since a lunch at Red’s Chinese on March 15th (which was delicious by the way).  Restaurants here were allowed to open up for dine in yesterday.

Some people have been concerned about the so called “contact tracing” the media had been reporting.  The mayor said restaurants would be required to collect your personal information if you dined in.  The extent of that here was writing down your name and phone number on a clipboard before you were seated.  They didn’t ask for I.D. or anything.

Further COVID-19 precautions include wearing a mask when you walk in, which you could immediately remove when you got to your table.  If you look close at the pictures of the booths you can see there are plexiglass partitions separating them.  There’s also outside dining available on a patio out back.  Paper plates, Styrofoam cups and plastic utensils are also being used.

We decided on the Contractors’ Combo, the Creole Slammer, and I ordered a single pancake.  My dining partner had pecans added to her pancake.


And the food!



If you come here have patience.  It took a long time to get our orders.  Our waiter, and then another, apologized 4 times for the wait, saying their kitchen was slammed with to go orders.  Then, they brought us someone else’s food.  They then forgot the eggs on the dish in the first picture above, and brought me scrambled eggs instead of eggs over easy!  When I pointed that out my waiter offered me a discount for the wait and the order mistake, which I didn’t take.  It’s only their second day open for dine in and I can understand they’re trying to get their groove back.

As far as the food, everything was very good.  As required by law, the menu notes they don’t use Louisiana crawfish.  I normally wouldn’t buy anything using foreign crawfish, but I was really in a crawfish mood!  When our waiter put the plates on the table he asked if we wanted some hot sauce, and out of habit I said yes.  After tasting my dish, I didn’t use a drop of it.  The crawfish etouffee was seasoned perfectly!  It wasn’t your traditional etouffee though.  No real roux based sauce or gravy associated with it.  More like just crawfish sautéed with plenty of onions and peppers.  But either way, it was delicious!

Good food and friendly folks.  I’d suggest you bring a little patience and come on in!

3322 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70115  Ph: 504-891-3447

Blaine 5-17-2020


10 thoughts on “Slim Goodies Diner, New Orleans, LA Report #288

  1. Though I would love to start dining out, I can also see how all these regulations will make the experience not as enjoyable. I also fail to understand why they can’t use regular cutlery. Restaurant owners must be so frustrated with all that.

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    1. I couldn’t understand the cutlery thing either. When we ate at that Lebanese restaurant Friday night, the first thing they asked was if we’d like regular dishes or paper plates. I immediately said regular dishes and utensils! What’s the big deal? Maybe the last people to eat on them had COVID-19 I don’t trust the restaurant to wash the dishes?? Silly.

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  2. Interesting. We are not open here in California yet but it is getting there. I cannot eat with plastic cutlery and I hate disposable plates. I do not enjoy my food if I used plastic utensils. Crawfish etouffee sounds so delicious.

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