Gerald’s Famous Burgers & Donuts, Arabi, LA Report #291



We had just finished lunch at this Brazilian place called Quitutes, and were hankering something sweet for dessert.  I rarely get into St. Bernard Parish but had heard good things about this donut places, so we headed over for a dozen to bring home.

Now, it was about 2:00 PM when we walked in the door.  A lot of donut places make ALL of their donuts very early in the morning.  So if you want fresh donuts, get there after 10:00 AM and you’re out of luck.  As the day progresses, you get staler and staler donuts.  I figured we’d get semi-fresh donuts at 2:00 PM.

The glazed donuts looked great!  The lady that waited on us told us they just came out the fryer about 15 minutes ago.  I couldn’t believe it, but after tasting them, I believed her.  They were fresh and delicious!  So were the Boston Cream Pie and blueberry cake donuts we bought.

I checked their website and saw they say they’re famous for having fresh donuts 24 hours a day.  And they make king cakes year round!  That’s good to know because after the Mardi Gras season is over I hate waiting until winter to get my next king cake.

They serve regular food too.  So if you’re ever in the mood to play video poker, and grab a burger, donuts and a beer at 3:00 AM, this is the place for you!

6901 St. Claude Ave., Arabi, LA  70032  Ph: 504-277-0030

Blaine 6-6-2020


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