Creole House Restaurant & Oyster Bar, New Orleans, LA Report #292

Located on the very western edge of the French Quarter, their website says they’re in the oldest building on Canal St.  There used to be a Wendy’s Hamburger restaurant in this building, but you’d never know it now.  Place looks really nice!

So the name of the place is the Creole House.  I know a little bit about Creole food.  Both cooking and eating it.  Would the food be something I’d serve in my house?

We decided on:

And the food!




The fried calamari was great!  Very tender and fried nice and crisp.

My dining partner had the Crabcake and Gulf Shrimp Alfredo.  She loved it.  She actually let me try the crabcake without even have to fight her for it!  Seasoned perfectly and full of crab meat!  Excellent.

I had the Taste of the Bayou.  All four.  Gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish etouffee and red beans & rice.  I wanted to try this because these are the dishes tourist associate with New Orleans, and a lot of restaurants do a terrible job with them.

All of them were fantastic!  The jambalaya wasn’t that red, tomatoey kind, but the brown jambalaya I prefer.  The red beans were nice and creamy.  There were a bunch of crawfish tails in the crawfish etouffee and the gumbo was on point!

Also, when you see the dish is called “A Taste of”, it kind of implies you won’t get much.  And when the four cups came to the table I was wondering if it’d fill me up.  I was pretty hungry!  Trust me, this entrée will.  After I knocked off the crawfish etouffee and the jambalaya, I was getting pretty full!  Barely made it through the gumbo then took most of the red beans and rice home.

Lastly, the bread pudding.  I’m very picky with my bread pudding.  Would it end my meal on a bad note?  Would it have raisins in it?

First, no raisins!   I was happy.  And I was happy with everything else about it.  Perfect texture and not too sweet.  Delicious!

Yes.  I’d be proud to serve this Creole food in my house.  Great place.  I highly recommend it!

509 Canal St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-323-2109

Blaine 6-12-2020


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