Dab’s Bistro, Metairie, LA Report #293


The man in the portrait above is Chef Duke LoCicero.  He’s a legend in New Orleans.  He owned a restaurant in the French Quarter named Café Giovanni for 26 years.  It closed in 2017.  I loved that place.  One dish he was famous for was called Oysters Giovanni.  Fried oysters on a plate covered with five different brightly colored sauces.  The dish is depicted at the bottom right in the portrait.  It was beautiful!  The sauces made the plate look like it was painted.  He also had opera singers on Thursday nights!  I really miss that place.

Well, Chef Duke is here in Metairie now.  As we walked into the dining room he greeted us personally, and told us to let him know if we needed anything.  He was all over the place all night.  He even brought our appetizer to our table.

We decided on a special for an appetizer.  The baked seafood.  And this for the rest of our meal:




And the food!





They ask you if you’d like bread.  My answer to that question is always a resounding, “YES”!  They also ask if you’d like butter or oil and vinegar.  Butter makes everything better.  Nothing special about the bread.  It wasn’t hot or anything, but good, fresh, sliced French bread.

But the baked seafood appetizer was VERY special!  There’s a restaurant named Drago’s famous for their chargrilled oysters.  They grill oysters on the half shell with melted butter, Italian seasonings and Parmesan cheese.  They are fantastic.  The best part is soaking up the melted butter sauce with French bread, but there’s never enough sauce!

Well, this dish consist of huge oysters and shrimp in a sauce like that baked in a casserole.  Utterly delicious!  Only strange thing is it was served with some hard pieces of garlic toast that were like croutons.  They were worthless for soaking up all that good sauce, so we just got another basket of bread.

My dining partner loved the Jambalaya Pasta.  Out of the goodness of her heart she allowed me to have a taste.  Seasoned very well and no lack of ingredients.

I had the Voodoo Shrimp and Grits.  The menu describes the sauce as a spicy sauce, but it wasn’t.  It was more of a sweet and sour sauce.  Very good!  The shrimp were huge and the grits were cooked perfectly.  Very creamy too.

The Bananas Foster Bread Pudding was very good.  My dining partner thought it was a little too sweet but I thought it was perfect.  And the sauce was outstanding.

Great place!  I highly recommend it!

3401 North Hullen St., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-581-8511

Blaine 6-20-2020

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