Mama Thai, Metairie, LA Report #295


There’s a restaurant right down the street from here called New Orleans Food & Spirits which everyone raves about.  They don’t take reservations.  Strictly first come first serve. That’s where we tried to go, and they told us it’d be a 25 minute wait.  With the number of people waiting for a table, looked more like a 45 minute wait to me.

But it made no difference to me.  25 or 45 minutes is too long.  I’m VERY impatient when I’m hungry!  I’ve been eyeing this place for awhile, and some Pad Thai sounded good to me.  Little did I know the menu would change my mind about that.

If you’re worried about social distancing due to the Coronavirus, this place is spaced out nicely.  In fact they told us they removed 8 tables from the dining room.

Ok, when I walked in I had my heart set on Pad Thai.  But then I saw this duck dish on the menu that sounded really good.  Very unique.  BUT then I saw that dish on top of the Specials board.  Seafood curry with shrimp AND crawfish topped with a fried soft shelled crab?  How could a seafood loving New Orleanian pass that up?

When I asked about that seafood dish, I was told they were out of soft shelled crabs.  Thank God!  That made the decision easy for me.

We decided on the Shu-Mai, Crispy Calamari, Paht Thai, Duck Delight and the Thai-Coon to go for a little 30 year old sissy baby who’s still too scared to dine out because of Covid-19.


And the food!


The Shu-Mai was very meaty!  Like chicken and shrimp meatballs with just a little dumpling coat around them.  And the dipping sauce was a think, teriyaki type sauce that I really liked.

The calamari were tender and crispy, served with what tasted like your typical sweet and sour sauce you’d find in Chinese restaurants.

My dining partner had the Paht Thai.  She actually offered me a taste before I started begging for some!  Very good.

I had the Duck Delight.  I’ve eaten at many Thai restaurants, and even eaten in Thailand.  Never came across a dish like this.  Or in any other restaurant for that matter.  Very unique.  Pulled duck confit, formed into cubes and deep fried until nice and crisp.  The menu said the dish came with asparagus, mushrooms, and green onions, but mine came with green and red bell peppers, yellow onions and carrots.  Maybe I’d have given a damn if I was a vegetarian, but all that mattered to me was the duck and shrimp!  Excellent dish.  I cleaned my plate!  Except for the carrots.  Don’t like them.

The little sissy baby at home enjoyed her dish.  Especially the eggplant.

I asked about desserts, and was told they hadn’t put it back on their menu yet.  It’d be back some time soon.

Great place for Thai.  I recommend it!

200 Metairie-Hammond Hwy., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-267-0040

Blaine 6-27-2020


Back again.  And again, I wanted to try that top dish on the specials board.  The seafood curry topped with the soft shell crab.  And again, I was told they were out of soft shelled crabs!

This guy, who I think is the manager, remembered me from the last time and saw how disappointed I was.  He said he could make the dish and top it with scallops instead.  Sounded good to me, so I went with that.  We also ordered the coconut shrimp and an order of the Roti as appetizers.

The coconut shrimp were ok but nothing special.  In fact, the batter on them reminded me of the batter you’d get on seafood you bought in a box out of the frozen section in the supermarket.  With a guy in a raincoat on the front of the box braving the sea.  I wouldn’t order these again.

The Roti was fantastic!  They serve it with some red curry sauce for dipping.  The curry sauce had a really nice citrusy flavor.

Then, there was my seafood dish.  Not just the best seafood dish I ever had in a Thai place, but one of the best I ever had in any place!  The scallops were seared perfectly, there was plenty of shrimp and crawfish, and the green curry sauce was delicious.

I love this place.  I’ll be back again!

200 Metairie-Hammond Hwy., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-267-0040

Blaine 8-15-2020




Tried two new items here tonight. First was the shrimp toast. It isn’t on the menu but our waiter told us they had it and recommended it. Best shrimp toast I ever had. Great flavor and actually chunks of shrimp in it. Not some shrimp flavored paste on top.

Second was the Thai-Coon. I ordered it to go once for my daughter but I didn’t get to taste it. And it was so much prettier served here in the restaurant! The three chunks of fried eggplant on top were really good. And it’s packed with crawfish and shrimp. The sauce has a unique flavor I couldn’t put my finger on. I’m not sure what they season it with but it’s delicious.

Great dinner here tonight. Looking forward to the next one.

200 Metairie-Hammond Hwy., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-267-0040

Blaine 4-3-2021

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    1. We actually had a plan. Lake Pontchartrain is right across the street. There’s a bike/walking path along it. We went for an evening bike ride then dinner. There are like 4 different restaurants within three blocks. If that one had a wait, which is pretty much always, we had other options.

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